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Ignorance is not always bliss. (200 Word Contest Entry)
The aircraft sunk, while the small raft floated aimlessly beside it.

“Well, you’ve outdone yourself this time!  What kind of navigator are you?”

“I thought for sure we were on track this time.”

“Since we’re nowhere near land, you didn’t think, just maybe, we might be off course?  Did it occur to you to check the fuel?  I never should have taken that nap.”

“Captain, I swear it was full when we left!”

“It isn’t now, is it?  Stuck in the middle of an ocean, with no help in sight.”

“I’m sure someone will come along.”

“You have got to be the most ignorant navigator in the universe!”

“Captain, I’m not sure if you realize, but you’re kind of hurting my feelings.”

“Hurting…YOUR…”  He lunged towards the source of his anger and grabbed him.

The attack and subsequent dodge to avoid injury threatened to capsize their only means of survival.  The two failed to notice the ocean liner, on the horizon, chugging towards them at a slow pace. 

On the ship, two of the crew stood together, one peered through binoculars.  After a minute, he said, “Wow!  Now, I’ve seen it all.  Why are those two little green men fighting?” 

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