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Rated: E · Prose · Dark · #1972302
"You have been warned."
The water has frozen my body. I am paralyzed, frozen to the ground, unable to breathe or move. I hear my heartbeat beating faster and faster in fear. I am immobile , vulnerable to their methods. I breathe in the foul air of the Death Keepers; the stench coming off in waves as they rise from the wet ground. They watch the clock, counting down each minute. They measure each second taking it in stride, as they do have all the time in the world to wait for me to accidentally fall into death's clutches. Panic makes bile rise into my throat. The burning acid makes me cough and gag, and I too watch the clock. I can feel the hands of the hour reaching closer and closer to the end of my time. Regrets float into my conscious, making hot tears fall hot onto my cheeks; the sorrow engraved in each scalding tear. I try to run but it is fruitless. The Death Keepers have anchored me to the ground. I stay in place, helpless but to watch the clock move with agonizing awareness that it is my life, that time is counting off. Thoughts of bitter sorrow keep me company in my motionless state. I hear a voice call to me.Do I dare deny the power and authority it has over me? Will my rebelliousness and unacknowledged ignorance keep it at bay? The time has come. I can practically feel this as the last second has been counted. I feel the Death Keeper's magnetic pull on my frail body. I dig my nails into the ground as a desperate attempt to remain in place. I hear the voice taunt me in a cool tone "it is destiny they say. There is nothing you can do or say to deter the inevitable. You should have treasured the time you had with your loved ones that waited so patiently for your return. Now it is too late; no last goodbyes or family gatherings. What is done is done, and you had your chance now it is time." I try to plead with the voice, make promises I have no intention to keep but to break. To fool the Death Keepers and myself that I would keep my word, but neither they, nor I was fooled. The clock chimes and I am sucked down beneath the ground; their hands have an iron hold dragging me to my fate, no more protests or sputtered apologies, peace an overwhelming peace takes root. I leave this earth with the knowledge of my regrets, but I make peace with knowing that I cannot change this. I can leave to give peace to my family, friends, and loved ones.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1972302