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by Jacqi
Rated: 18+ · Monologue · Animal · #1972699
The need for more animal assistance
Animal over-population and the associated hardships , destruction of wildlife habitats, and persistent animal cruelty are now confronting us with moral, ethical, humane, and life/death issues for all creatures sharing our earth.  If we have come so far in evolution as a superior race in the 21st century, why does injustice and suffering continue to exist on lesser levels of life?  This makes no logical sense. 

As an intelligent society, we have moved mountains enabling longevity and quality of life for the human race; This great feat achieved by humans through research, technology, innovative thinking,  and support.  Why then, can't humans move hills to find solutions and cooperation ensuring quality of life for dependent living things? 

As an Educated Society, many more people, today,  are afforded a comfortable living, enjoying the fruits of life like never before due to the allowance of human ambition. Why then can't humans afford to lend  motivation and drive to easily remove obstacles that impede the reduction of great hardship for deserving earthly inhabitants ? 

As a strong democracy, we are given freedoms and liberties that ensure choices, satisfaction, and the pursuit of happiness offering a multitude of  destinies; This is a "Right" upheld by the power of the people. Why then,  can't the power of the people strongly uphold earthly rights for our unfortunate creatures and offer freedom from suffering? 

As a humanity, we are entrusted and appointed ruler and protector over the God-Created Earth; This ultimate position is decided by our intelligence as it not only sets us apart from all other life but empowers us with the abstract ability to reason and solve problems, understand and organize emotions, and act logically and accordingly; This ability is one which makes us the superior being  and, therefore, uniquely  responsible for the earth and all its inhabitants.  Why then, do lesser life forms experience extreme difficulty, cruelty, deprivation, anguish, and strife in our world?

One could reach several conclusions from selfishness to blissful ignorance, non-compassion to arrogance, neglect to laziness.  Whatever the case as most likely there are many possibilities,  we could venture to say that the animal plight of modern times should not be as colossal in size and effectively alleviated in present day.

Currently,  so many great people are performing great efforts for animals. But much more needs to be done, collectively, to end cruelty, suffering, and hardship in order to create an ALL life-thriving society for ALL living things; A mission only enabled by intelligent beings, and we, as humans, are the chosen leader given this worthy, designated duty.  Its Time we prove ourselves capable and right for the job, evolve to our highest potential,  and ensure our place on the earth as caring for lesser life forms is our sustaining power, nevertheless, superior in itself. 

Shall We Begin?

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