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Letter for writers cramp contest 1/23/2014 written about writers cramp.
CRAMP STORY: in letter format

I received this letter today from a concerned individual and wanted to share their wisdom with you.

Dear writer:

I am sending this letter because I have great concern for how your writing is working out for you. Inclosed you will find my words of wisdom and ideas which will be extremely helpful. You must read this letter several times so that you have memorized the instructions completely.

The first thing you should do is to take many breaks so that you do not get tired. Procrastination is good for your energy level and will help keep stress from causing you stomach distress.

When you are ready to write, please make certain that you have food to eat and plenty to drink so that you are not hungry or thirsty. Another brilliant strategy is to spend time on the internet looking around at different prompts. These prompts should be listed in a notebook or on your computer for quick reference.

As you write make sure to correct all grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, typos, and anything that just doesn't seem right to you. Writing should be perfect so that you have no criticism. You want everyone to tell you what a wonderful story or poem, you wrote and this can only happen if you spend a lot of time going over and over it looking for the slightest problem and second guessing yourself.

Focus on other things so that you don't have to create something that you think is trash. If you think this, it's ok to rip it up or delete the content so that the perfect writing can be written tomorrow. The pain of this will subside soon, when you realize, that you want to go watch TV or listen to soothing music instead of writing.

When in doubt, don't. The very worst thing you can do is write without any plan, focus, or inspiration. You must wait for the perfect plan and inspiration, because free writing, is a waste of time and energy, will cause you to make a mess of your creativity, ideas, and muddle your thoughts. Remember that everything has to make sense, be organized, have sentence structure, be of interest to the reader, and absolutely perfect.

When you feel your hand starting to cramp or a headache, stop writing, It's a sign that you've written enough for the day. Take some well deserved time off, relax and enjoy yourself, go out with friends, spend time playing games on the computer, or take a walk with your dog. This should help you get rid of your headache and hand cramp. You're worth it, after all you've spent hours in the office trying to figure out what to write about today or trying to finish your word art which is due to go to the publisher tomorrow.

There is no pain when you refrain from over working your hand and wrist using pencil or pen; fingers, hands, and wrists, using the computer keyboard; or your brain thinking and worrying. Be good to yourself by indulging in many different activities, excluding writing. Writing is bad for your health and mental acuity.

Your writing can wait, I wish you all the best with your fun, games, entertainment, and other interesting and enjoyable activities.

Sincerely Yours
Writers Cramp

These ideas are negatively informative, I have so much writing to do, I will have to disregard them.
Writers Cramp, the author of this letter, is despicable and undermining because this invasion of my thoughts, if I allow them
to take over, will interrupt my creativity. I know I can write with pen, pencil, and use the computer,
so I'm going to write now. I feel no pain!

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