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poem describing writers cramp & how to begin writing again. Writers Cramp Contest 1/23/14
my brain seized, when I sneezed
writing stopped, thanks a lot
poetry or story, bound for glory
now on hold, what happened to writing bold

free writing or writing free, did nothing for me
stress and strain, no words came
sweat and tears, only writing fears
up all night, no writing delight

paper and pen, trying again
computer for help, Merriam-Webster yelped
grab the pen, more pain again
headache hand-ache, not another mistake

brain and hand, struggle as I demand
Ouch this hurts, nothing works
don't quit, use your whit
at whits end, sos I send

prompts no good, I wish I could
write with might, for readers delight
search the web, oh my aching head
I see with glee, WdC is for me

The Writers Cramp, makes me a champ
writing each day, prompts guide my way
this cramp is good, in the WdC brotherhood
If I don't win, I'll try again

gift points galore, I've got to write more
turn on a lamp, think no more cramp
work through the pain, I'm writing again
The Writers Cramp, made me a champ

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