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Grandfather's poem on the Navy and leaving it

By: Jack Howard Hatfield; My Grandfather

I prayed, “Let me grow,
Just as fast as you can,
Then speed me to sea
As a sea-going man.”

I begged, “Let me work
In the sun and the spray
And be on the bridge
With each breaking of day.”

I asked, “Give me duty
Farther East, farther west,
Oh, to sail the whole world
Is to live as the blest.”

I cried, “God the heat!”
And I cursed, “Damn the cold,
For they creep through your bones
And they feed on your soul!”

I wept, “Ah – my sins……
They have aged me too soon,
For the young ones are singing,
And the young own the moon.”

I begged, “Take my watch,
I’ll be saved if you will,
For the dawn comes too early
And the day breaks too chill.”

I prayed, “Give me strength;
I’ll be grateful to thee,
We’ve been lovers too long
And I’m divorcing the Sea.”

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