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Celia needs cloth to make clothing for her family
"We don't have any more spools of cloth left in storage and the weavers on level three can't keep up with the demand, I'm afraid, ma'am."

"Yes, I see. Well can you show me your list of sheets and blankets then?"

"Blankets? You say? Why, yes ma'am." Bairnord pulled out the whites inventory and place it onto the counter top facing Celia so she could easily read it. "As you know, we have no need for the blankets and so we've nearly a full stock left over of the flannels and wool, as well as the heavier cottons and blends."

"How much are you planning to charge for these sets of king and queen sized flannel sheets? I see the blends are nearly out but the cotton sheets are still in good supply."

"Yes, ma'am. The flannels I can just about give away; they take up space better used by the weaver's products: not saying that I'm running out of space, mind you; but, one of these days soon I'm sure the weavers will have expanded their stock and trade goods such that the extra space will be needed."

"Yes, Mr. Wilkshire. I'm sure." Celia smiled to hide her impatience. She needed to get started on Bud's shirts and pants. He'd grown so fast the last couple months and no one had any usable hand-downs for him. "I would like to try four sets of the king flannels, preferably blue and brown solid color and what might you charge for the cotton kings?"

"Well, like I said, the cottons are starting to come into demand now that the blends are nearly depleted, I will sell them for half the price of the blend today." Bairnord wrote a price on a slip of paper and turned it around for Celia to see.

Celia smiled broadly, showing her true feelings of gratitude. "Oh, thank you Mr. Wilkshire. I will be happy to purchase four each of the blue and tan solid colored king cottons. And... " Celia checked her coin purse and counted and closed her eyes as she mentally calculated. When she opened her eyes she smiled again at Mr. Wilkshire. "And I have just enough to buy two sets of king cotton in the solid green."

Bairnord nodded his head smiling in return; he suspected that what Mrs. Kohlbergson planned for the bed sheets would revive business in his shop in short order. "Very good, ma'am. And for your generous purchase I will add two king flannels of the solid green."

Celia left the shop with her bundles of sheets. She had purchased enough cloth to clothe both her children, herself and Zach. She wondered if she should have borrowed money from her aunt and sister and also purchased some of the lighter cotton and blended blankets. Well, no matter now. Once the rest of the population discovered how she had managed the shortage of cloth she was sure the supply of sheets and blankets would soon start to dwindle and rise in price. In the end the weavers and the shop keepers would be getting a raise for their labors. For now, Mrs. Celia Kohlbergson was quite content with her bit of scavaging.
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