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Book review
Deadly Gamble by Connie Shelton

Charlie is new kind of detective story.  Charlie is the accountant  for the detective agency her brother runs.  When he is out of town she gets involved more deeply in the business than she intended.

Charlies long time friendship with Stacy North is all ready stressed when Stacy walks in with a new problem.

When Stacy gets taken in by a con artist she instinctively turns to Charlotte for help, which does not please charlie at all. 

"Charlie, I need your help," so charlie funnels her curiosity, talent and expertize into solving Stacy's problem. As the story unfolds the reader gets a view of more than one families lifestyle.  The clincher to the story arrives unexpectedly during an act of good will.

The author of the Charlie series, Connie Shelton, has written 14 books so far featuring this character.  She  also writes another series called the Samantha Sweet Mysteries.
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