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This book is a story about body organ theft. It contains graphic descriptions.
Vulture Peak by John Burdett

Vulture Peak is a fictional story. The following quote is from an authors note, "For reasons of atmosphere the Pa tong I have described is pre-tsunami."

The story begins with the murder and mutilation of three bodies.  The main character is summoned to the scene because he is a detective on the local police force.

Although the story deals with drug use and cultural sex of the area it also describes the sociology of the area.

The subject of organ theft and sales for transplant and the future crime the world is facing is astonishing. The characters have an attitude toward drugs, marriage, and cultural life that is not common in the USA. 

Describing all aspects of this story in a few words is difficult.  Look for unfolding sexual related material, drug related material, corruption of officials in more than one country revealed, beautiful scenery defined, loyalty of people defined and much more.

One of my favorite quotes deals with an ongoing friction in the marriage of two of the main characters. "When things go wrong between us Chang and I try to mend our relationship by going out to eat." You need to read the story to find out why they do this.

I suggest you do not start this story unless you finish it.  And, look for the hidden social story of souls as you read.

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