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Poem about rock for Eclectic Visualizations contest. 1/31/2014
My friends and I have a job which keeps us busy as can be
We help our humans take care of plants so pretty do you see
I am small and light my red is like brick
When we stay together our group can be thick

In a container with water too
We keep the moisture from the roots
Plants feet stay dry no rotten smelly boots
Or stinky slimy shoes

Dry winter air steals moisture from the leaves
By placing plants upon us and water they enjoy a moist breeze
Our job is important so we stay strong and delight
When the plants are beautiful in every humans sight

We are lava rock light and airy smooth we're not
Plants and humans are glad saying thanks a lot
Our shapes are different as can be
We can take care of plants any size or shape even a tree

Red grey black or sometimes blue a color choice up to you
You can use us for many things what will you ever do
Imagination running free with glee
You give jobs we do naturally

When plants are happy as can be
Everyone thankful for the beauty that they see
Moisture trays hold us all our days
Water evaporates into the air it never stays

Get some plants soil pots and rock
Hurry time is ticking be mindful of the clock
Plants can clean the inside air
Lava rock keep them moist and happily we care

Lava rock and water a nice combo heavenly
God made us with His hands very gently
He is our maker and we love Him so
I told you our story now it's time for us to go

lines 32: free verse
Eclectic Visualizations contest. 1/31/2014
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