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When all else failed each year, I'll not fail this time to keep my New Year resolution.
Being a character who has a sense of adventure and is a survivor, I have resolved for this year to accomplish many activities. These are challenges which each year I have managed to miserablely fail to do. Without a doubt, many people would give up the chase for success after year in and year out dropping the ball for achieving even one successful completion of an activity on their list of new year resolution. But, I'm not just any people.

For me February is a new month and a new beginning. I wag my tail, sit up pretty and give people the impression I am at the top of my game. Dogs have to do this to survive, you know. My new start is the beginning of this month, so I havn't failed yet. I have 11 more months to work toward my successful completion of my resolutions.

My first attempt at obtaining a tasty chew bone failed, yet, I will succeed because when I go outside, I plan to take the old one with me. Hopefully my person doesn't notice. I need exercise, so will bury this old thing and then for certain, I will receive a new bone, success is with in my paws.

I like to run and search for interesting smells, chase whatever moves, and bark at the moon. My person doesn't like these activities, so I will have to work on finding something different to do. I hope my person will help me. I know, if I am very, very good, perhaps I will get rewarded with a trip to the dog park, toys, and a new bed, or something to interest me. Maybe chewing on a stick will distract me from these unwanted behaviors.

I shed which is normal for a dog, although I'm loved and well cared for, my person doesn't like all the hair around the house. I wonder if rolling in something smelly, oh, I love the sweet scent of fish or poop of another animal. Tis' perfume De Doggie for me, and it may help me not shed so much because it will glue my loose hair to my body.

When I get excited because we're having company I jump with joy. I accidentally knocked down a little person and got into trouble. I'll have to train my owner to do a better job of protecting visitors so that I can jump and not knock them to the floor. I did give them a kiss of apology. I'll have to get my person to hold them and then they won't fall. Then again, maybe if I had a treat, I would be able to focus on that and not be so excited. I wonder what would happen if I sit up pretty and begged for food?

I dislike when my owner goes to work each day. I miss them and am lonesome. Barking relieves my anxiety and over whelming need to be with them. They can help me by taking me for a walk which gets me tired and then I need to rest. I have to bring my leash out and give it to my person so that they will get the idea of taking me for a walk. Oh boy, this resolution thing is a lot of work!

Being the good dog is such a challenge, but I need to do this so that I can have what I want and need. I like being with people, so will do what is necessary to keep me from being put in the back yard. Maybe when I'm terrified of the thunder and lightning, I should find a place to hide instead of running through the house in a major panic and making wining sounds and panting. How in the world can I do that? I hope my owner can help me with this. Maybe if I act like it has become worse, they will get medication, or a thunder shirt for me. I'll work on this gradually so they will actually believe this is real. Then my success is assured.

I surely hope that my new plans will work because I totally became distracted and went back into my old routine. Dogs are creatures of habit. Oh, my bad! I should have thought of this earlier. I have to change my habit! Yurik a this is it! Now I will be successful at achieving everything for the new year. I'll have to do things completely different, but how? I guess I'll have to go into a totally different character. I've got it, I've got it! I'll take acting lessons.

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