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Elizabeth is sent to boarding school in america,She hate's it,until she meets Ms.Wilson
1922, September 7th in England, a girl named Elizabeth O'lon was 15 years old today. It also was the day that she had to leave England and go to America, where she would be living at a all girls boarding school till she is able to live on her own. Her parents both died when she was 9, now her grandfather left her to. Her only other family left was her aunt who wanted her to be more responsible and Respectful. So she sent her away.

I felt the breeze on my face, the smell of salt. I hated the smell of the ocean. The smell of leaving the town I love, my home.
England, the old kingdom. My family has lived long before I was born. Truth be told I have loyalty in my blood, but I tried to forget about that now that I'm leaving. Still the thought was painful. Tears started streaming down my face, I have to cry. I must no longer hold in all my emotion, so they don't control me. My grandfather told me that, he told me a lot of things. I would most likely describe him as wise owl.
I remember when he told me that words are like daggers, they cut you, hurt you and scar you. But in end you must be stronger the those sharp words. Or no matter what vulgar things are said to you, always be who you are.
My aunt did't obey or understand what my grandfather said. It was like she was queen of my live, controlling and not letting me be who I wanted to be. That is why I have a little bit of happiness leaving England.


September, 30th 1922.
We just docked at New York harbor, I saw how busy everybody was here. I also saw that the buildings where different from that of England, I rushed off the plank and into the new worlds land. A rush of excitement and relief came over me, I was happy to be off the ship and to explore this new world. Till a deity hand was place on my shoulder,
EW- are you Elizabeth O'lon? ( she ask polity and strictly)
EO- Yes, I'm am, are you a teacher at Mrs. Loftin's boarding school? ( I ask shyly)
EW- Yes, my name is Erika Wilson but you call me ms. Wilson, Now please come with me.
I got a look at my first American teacher, Blonde hair up in a elegant Pony tail. Light blue eyes that reminded me of blue sky.
And young, very young for a teacher, I say in her mid twenty's. 24 , 25 somewhere around there.
A thought just pop in my head, what class does she teach.
EO- ms. Wilson what do you teach?
EW- I teach Reading,Writing and History.( she said sternly)
EO -Oh! I love history, which one do I go to first.
EW- Your full schedule is Chorus, reading and writing, Math, French, outside time, History, schoolwork, social time, Dinner, evening walk, shower, bedtime.
EO- Lots a stuff to do in one day, I knew french already.
EW- very good, you will do well in french class with mrs. P'onir.
EO-I can't wait.
That was a lie, I read about boarding schools and how strict they are.
I was not ready. I wanted to run away, but i knew i had to face my fears, another thing my grandfather told me.
By god I will follow his teaching to me, I thought as we approach the a large building that said Ms. Lofton's all girls boarding school.
Here it goes I thought.


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