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Poems inspired by a curious one who has no clue of her affect on me.
Chronoillogical Collection

Meanderings of a Foggy Old Coot

Is plum the new forbidden fruit?
I can only imagine -- juicy, full
and ready for consumption
Yet, I don't know if she's
tart or sweet, yielding
or mealy, but I'll consume her --
thrust my jaws unclenched
reveal my razors and sink
How deep I would like to go

But I can't

I already ate, and
I'm told I will be full
for a lifetime. I'll just
steal one quick snack of
some cheaply manufactured confection.
Cannot justify the carbs.

Gentle Doe

A doe emerged from a clearing
straight toward me one morning
where I had stopped by a stream
to splash water on my groggy face.

'I didn't expect you here, you
beautiful deer,' I thought.
She seemed to take note of me,
never broke stride in her approach.

In the adjacent inlet, she dipped
her head to lick from the spray
of the ample flowage of spring
to commune with a lone man.

What I could say to you now.
How your presence startled
my heart to love a trusting creature,
normally shy and reclusive.

In the still, cool air I watched.
Perhaps, you hadn't caught
my scent. Slowly, I hunkered
down to squat in admiring awe.

Your coat caught a glint,
dappled by a glowing horizon,
as my heart swelled with joy
that you chose this place...and me?

Your nimble legs...
A loud shot rang out high
above our heads. Hooves slid
over the watery shoal.

Your tail flashed white,
raised high; though your kin
could not see, as you fled
back through the shadowed trail.

I still yearn to know,
for which my devotion depends,
was it dichromatic vision, or
did you choose once to coexist...with me?

Attitude Flying

Heroine in your cockpit
ascend the godless sky
by your radar;
our spatial relation forever
in the offing
with your attitude flying.

How hollow the echo,
when sailing past me through
this clouded, humid air.
One single ignition exploded
in the moment;
sent pale blue orbs off.

Howl honey; send away
those hormonal beasts
that seek return.
Horses paw the ground
in your shadow.
Haunt them from your air.

Our horizon nearing, escaping;
intentions for you hopeful
but never within reach.
Heroine, hold on your course
in your descent;
land in my loving arms.

Blocked By Bethany

She doesn't like to be called Beth...
and she broke my heart
Before I could even --
Blocked, not allowed

Her friends are all getting married
watches them hitch
She's got a taste for that reception food
Tweets, 'someone please
wine and dine me!

but --

Blocked, not allowed
before I could even...start
She just broke my heart
doesn't like to be called Beth.

Quietly, I Suffer Alone

When it gets quiet
I hear the fish tank filter
bubble water that breaks
on the surface of memory
and I begin to envision you

Where there is no sound
lonesome hums of highway
traffic yet beckon my ears,
in heat, from so far away
like you

What I seek is silence.
I only find an essence of you
hidden in the dark recesses
of my beleaguered brain.
Rain, damn it! Rain!

Tears won't come. Why
won't you come hush me?

Pull Me Down

cool. desirable.
fire. craving.
thirst my flame
quench my thirst

lost. misdirection.
sign. deserving.
nod your indication
guide my pith.

Aimless poet searching --
never saw you coming.
Would you just dare
pull me down to kiss?

Your cool desire
like fire I crave.
Lost without a sign
in this pith -- please guide
an aimless, searching...


Tossedx Handsx
Timex Stopx


She shelters within the weed
As they lob cocktails over her wall.
You can't see her eyes;
veins thick with the mud
she uses to douse the flames,
rising higher, as she goes numb.

Bayonets stab acidic animals
floating in her challised waters.
Bloody war engines blast
their arrival; colorful lights
synchronize with the volleys.

The diminutive fighter approaches
warriors battling, chanting;
refusing refuge in their arms,
dims her dark, dry eyes
and dances to her own song.


Two Years Later and No Answers

Thick fingers miss their mark
Tap, tap, tap
Windows emerging
Steering me away from this desire
My aim, my eyes, not good
Tap, tap, tap
Are you there?
I pry through this untamed jungle
Of words, images, too bold
I spy to know your whereabouts
I take whatever is free
Knowledge to uncover myth
I tap, tap, tap
From freedom of these shadows
The darkness envelops me
Yet pale illumination knows
My fright
I'll never see you
Never be with you
Time lapsing
Did I miss it?
You? Me?
Just fantasy, illusion
This cyber world could not find the key
To open a door to your paradise
That I might enter,
Be freed from the dark
Tap, tap, tap...

"Gentle Doe (Coexist)
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