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For Jasmine.
The Mêlée Inside
By: The Locked Up Ones

Seeanna woke in a frenzy of thoughts storming through her tired mind.  She could barely move from the position she had likely been forced into for over twenty-four hours by the dictator that took over her body days before.  When she did move, the stench of sweat and her unkempt hygiene forewarned her that she must have lost time and plenty of it.

She pushed the pile of tangled covers away with her hands and even attempted to do the same with her feet until pain from her left foot crudely interrupted all attempts she had planned on getting out of that putrid position in what appears to be a familiar place this time; her own bed.  She recalls the color pattern, then the headboard, dresser, television and a few more personal items of hers.  Some were not familiar but she has grown accustomed to this phenomenon and it no longer fazes her as much as it had in her distant past.

Seeanna turned her head to notice a wheelchair charging next to her bed and then recalled that she could no longer walk.  This reality had come and gone many mornings, afternoons and evenings and so was not too surprising any longer either. 

She pulled herself up with her arms, and then pushed up with her right leg to stand then sit in the awaiting charged power chair. 

No particular memory of specific steps stand out so it is assumed that she relieved herself in the master bathroom only feet away from her bed.  Inside of that master bath, a tall plastic toilet stool with handlebars was adjusted over the commode to accommodate her height providing her the advantage to maneuver with one good leg. She noted a shower chair inside of the shower and longed to get into it if only she could figure out how. Seeanna smiles gaily at the selection of scented body washes lined in the shower and on the floor of the shower. 

A pretty large and fancy phone resting on her nightstand rang. With two swift turns in the power chair, the reaches to answer hesitatingly, “Hello,” then waits to hear if the caller is a familiar voice.

“Hello Seeanna.  This is Rachel.  I will be there this morning to help you with your shower and other stuff. Do you need me to bring you something?”  The unfamiliar voice was cheery and pleasant.  Seeanna decided that she was friend and not foe and responded, “No. I don’t need anything.”

A smile dawned her face as she thought, “So far, so good this morning.”  Seeanna was used to waking confused and displaced. Today, she was rested and good outside of the pain that ran the span of her entire hip to foot. 

The next move on the nightstand was to pick up prescription bottles and read them.  She chose the one for pain and swallowed it with the open bottle of water on the nightstand as well, as if it were her own.  Her hands tremble with pain as she replace both bottles to the nightstand and look around her room at other ‘strange’ or displaced items. 

Seeanna, now accustomed to what always looked like a party or storm went through her room, shrugged her shoulders and began her journey out of the room where she had been confined.  She did not see any signs that anyone else had joined her. No pair of dirty glasses, no alcoholic beverages, no condom wrappers, no adult toys.  No sore or unusually wet vagina or gaping ass.  No sore swollen lips and jaws. No rouged knees. Just her. 

Feeling relieved, freed from the unsuspecting sneaky Safroniyal that would do just about anything, she opens the blinds on the back wall and the front in the kitchen of her house.  Now totally familiar with her settings, she opens the refrigerator to find anything resembling food that she would ingest into her health conscious and sensitive system.  There was nothing but an apple so an apple it was. 

Still aware that Safroniyal could have still been there lurking, Seeanna searched other parts of the house.  The unfamiliar items were not indicative of Safroniyal however still shook Seeanna a bit. She wondered whose blouse and house slippers with fuzzy purple glittery fluff sat near the sofa.  She wondered whose ten-pound dumb bell sat near a new mirror near the front entrance.  The color purple was present so she had her suspicions but no one to tell.

The knock at the door startles her. Hesitantly, she slowly drives over, peeps out to notice the smiling face of Rachel.  A relieved Seeanna opens the doors and drives backward in order for Rached to enter.  As Seeanna recalls Rachel’s identy, places her, Rachel chimes in, “Do you want me to fix you your usual oatmeal with apples cut-up inside, cinnamon and butter with cream?”

Seeanna, still not so acclimated to Rachel, decides that the offer sounds great and nods her head to agree to the simple culinary delight. 

Rachel began the sorted tasks of making dishwater, making breakfast and then began to express her concerns to Seeanna.

“I came two days in a row but you didn’t answer. I could hear music playing and I knocked hard. Glad you’re okay though.”  Rachel continues to multitask and ask more questions.

Meanwhile, Seeanna is taken aback by the now confirmed missing days.  Embarrassed to a certain extent, she blames the medication that she is aware that is not her own. 

Seeanna’s quiet shame and secret that she has medicated herself with someone else’ medication and cannot recall days is brushed aside when the hot bowl of aromatic oatmeal is placed in front of her with a tall glass of cold milk. 

While Seeanna crams the breakfast down as if she had not eaten in a week, Rachel descends to the back of the house, to her bedroom where she prepares Seeanna’s bed, clothes for the day and shower. 

Rachel, obviously comfortable in her surroundings, turns on the television set in the bedroom to Pandora to listen to music while she works. 

In the front, at the breakfast table, Seeanna looks puzzled but then begins to bob her head to the familiar tunes playing while feasting.

Rachel returns to the front, notes that Seeanna is done, takes her breakfast dishes to wash and turns to ask, “Ready for your shower?”

Without a word, Seeanna drives the power chair back into the now cleaned, fresh smelling room, smiles, relaxes and undress to indulge in the much-needed shower. 
Rachel, before leaving, asks Seeanna to sign her form. 

Unaware of the forms that Rachel needs signed; with a short spell of dizziness, she is relieved of her duties. As routine would have it, Sheree picks the pen up, pulls the forms to her, smiling and asks, “Where do I sign?”
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