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Although it's still winter, today we are experiencing Spring-like weather.
It's amazing how the weather was freezing nearly a week ago.  It was so cold until many businesses were closing early or not opening at all.  Yet the temperatures were in their own right because it's still winter.  However, today the temperature is 63 degrees in the wintertime.  Now, I am not complaining about the warm temperature.  I enjoy the experience of a nice warm day along with time to do as I please.  It gives me a chance to get out and do some shopping or go walking.  I just hope it has stopped raining for a while. 

This week's forecast will be in the mid-sixties to upper fifties.  That will be a great preview of Spring which is close to my birthday!  However, on my birthday, the temperature will drop to 41 degrees.  I'll just think positive and enjoy the nice weather while I can.  After all, the weather is part of the territory!
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