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A wonderful story of a funny cat.

This tale will always mark a place in time, of the renowned cats back in the year 1969.

It was another hot lazy day in June when all of us would gathered around to watch the long silky silver coat of our friend Todd the steeping cat, while he took his daily nap of forty winks.

On some occasions in full view of us Todd would sometimes meow out loud while in his sleep dreaming of his missing toe.

In pasting we had always reminded Todd that if he was not careful when napping someday he would wake up to more missing toes.

But with sleepy eyes he would always response with, "fish fiddle you guys just put that tasty fish on my empty platter."

as always after finishing his scrumptious meal Todd would once again fall fast asleep, to dream of a tasty treat of a big pink fat salmon.

But when one hour had past Todd suddenly opened his eye's only to perceive once again that another toe of his was now missing

So far from being amused Todd had now promise forever to sleep on his remaining toes to guard them from the undetectable thief in his dreams who just might come once again while he's sleeping to steal his remaining toes maybe even one food.
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