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Its what most people fear, the unknown.
Damn those dark rain clouds, will I be tortured by them once more? and what choice do I have but to sit here in this chair, and watch the approaching storm getting closer and closer.

The heavy rains will once again bring my illicit mind to the surface with the sole purpose of me wanting to hurt someone who's car has broken down along the highway in the hard pouring rain.

Now I wait for that simple phone call that must come.

The smell of wet moisture is becoming more noticeable, and the tumbling temperatures are now beginning to affect my hands they are beginning swell and hurt.

Why do storms call out to me to hurt someone?

Only God can help me now or will I continue to kill. My fever of hate is beginning to make me like the sight of  flowing red blood.

But maybe this time, I can find some compassion deep within my sick soul to stop all the hurting, after all I don't even know the people I'm slaughtering.

So what if I was to say, let the storm come, and let the falling rain blanket the dry desert without the blood of some innocent victim.

How easily it is for some people to think that no harm can ever come to them, I can almost hear them singing along with their car radio, and talking to themselves saying, " I just can't wait to see my friend I'm going to have so much fun.

Don't they know the approaching storm is filling me with endless hate you know they all had their chance too help me when I needed them but they all just stood by and watched me suffer endlessly

The distant thunder is now speaking to me it has made it's choice with it's dark threading clouds, I know someone on the wet highway will soon be breaking down, and will be calling me for help, yes waiting for me to arrive to fix their car troubles.

Little do they know they will be at my mercy but this time I won't need their help but they will beg for mine.

Ten minutes had past when I began to heard the first light drops of rain falling on my thin tin roof, and within the next five minutes the rains will be coming down so hard I would think my roof would soon be break through.

Getting up from my chair I began to put on the thick rain gearing up for the foul weather outside. The phone call will be coming shortly.

Looking out the window I heard the phone ring.

Hello, yes Ray's towing what can I do for you?

My car just stopped and I can't get it started. 

Listen lady, check your gas gauge do you have gas?

Yes it's almost three quarters full.

By the way how did you get my number?

I'm ten feet in front of your sign out here in the rain.

Listen lady don't worry I know exactly where you and please don't keep turning your key, and run down your battery I will be there in twenty minutes.

OK but hurry it's so cold out here, and it's raining so hard please hurry Ray.

Can you believe that? She wants me to hurry, " she's just asking for it.

Just great, my first vacation in four years, and my car breaks down now this tow truck driver will charge me a small fortune no matter what the problem might be, I just hate those tow truck drivers their so dishonest.

He's probably laughing on his way over here making up a song singing, " It's just another dumb woman on the road that will pay me just about anything just to keep her wonderful hair dry.

Hello, who is this?

It's Ray the tow truck driver, " how are you doing?

How do you think I'm doing? My car is broken, and it's raining cats and dogs outside, and I know I'm going to catch a cold , and why aren't you here yet? It's been almost an hour?

Calm down lady it's only been ten minutes, anyhow I have some nice hot coffee for you when I get there.

Just get here Ray I told you it's cold out here, " don't you remember anything I might catch a cold.

That bitch is going to get it , I'm going to cut her ear to ear. She thinks because she has money she can talk to me anyway she feels, who in the hell does she think she is?

Maybe I should try to call Joan, and tell her I'm going to be late, how in the hell did I know my car would break down in this storm?

I hate storms I can barely see the road before me, and that bitch is making me so mad she sounds like my first wife, " why are you so late from work Ray I cooked your favorite meal and all you can do is come home late."

Now calm down Ray just calm down she's probably so afraid and so cold. Maybe I can let this one go? Maybe I can prove to myself, once and for all I can let one go.

Hello, Ray's towing?

Where in the hell are you Ray you should have been here long time ago, 'What is your problem Ray?

Listen lady I'm right behind you, can't you see my headlights? Thank God your finally here Ray you took forever too get here.

This bitch is going to get it, I can almost hear her say, over and over "where have you been Ray what is your problem boy.

Well here I am bitch so open your door can't you see me standing out here wet like a drench dog?

Well just look at poor Ray I better open the door before he starts crying.

Thanks lady, I can't remember a worse night like this, here's some hot coffee for you I hope it's still hot?

I don't want any coffee Ray all want you to do is fix my car. I been waiting here for almost two hours, and don't think you're going to charge me one more red cent for you coming late.

Listen lady, please don't talk to me like that, " I'm only trying to help.

Well then Ray just get to work I want to get going I know you don't give a damn about my friend waiting for me in San Francisco so get off your ass and get to work.

You know what lady?

No what Ray? what is it now?

You sound so much like my first wife.

What does that have to do with anything Ray fix my Damn car?

I must tell you lady I hated my x wife because she was so mean to me , and you sound so much like her and you know what else?

No Ray what?

I'm going to kill you as if you were a barking dog. I'm going to cut you ear to ear with my knife.

Well before you do that Ray do you know what I have here in my rain coat pocket pointing at you?
It's a 38 special so you keep your toy knife Ray and I will show you my true madness.

Listen lady you just got me little mad that's all, let me fix your car for free and we can call it a night and you can be on your way to see your friend who's waiting for you, and is probably worried about you.

Sorry Ray, I don't think so?

Well like you been saying Ray I'm a lady so l will even open the door for you, and let you out I don't want your thin blood inside my car.

Damn lady you shot me.

It happened again I thought after the last one , I could change but that storm made me do it, maybe next I should try harder to just let another man go " I know I can do it.

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