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by ~Bree~
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A piece of the book I am writing that brings Alex to know of the secret world.
    Alex nodded joining Charles by hand into the bright elegant ball room. So many guests twirled in their formal wear to the sound of a band playing a classical take on a recent love song. A twirl herself, and then joining one of her hands with Charles, she placed the other on his neck as he placed his on the purple fabric over her waist. Their hips bobbed with the tune as they made small talk on the beautiful simplisity of the room till at last Elizabeth courtsied before them asking if she might have the next dance. "Of Course!" Charles replied. "I shall return to you soon my dear!" He winked at Alex as she stepped back.
    A moment of music swept her sister and Charles away as she shifted uncomfortably. What now? She further examined the room, looking up the grand white stairs with similar railing as the balcony had, up to the next floor where a Mr. Edgar quietly stepped from the above guard rail and slipped into a quiet room.
    A smile curved Alex's lips; she slowly made her way up the stairs and slipped into that very same room Mr. Edgar had; she shut the door so very gently behind her. It was dark aside from the fire glimmering against the its surrounding objects including the handsome Edgar yet warm and comfortable.
    "Nice of you to join me." Mr. Edgar sat in a hard wood chair by an extravagant fireplace. "Care to join me?" he motioned to a chair across from him, reflecting the warmth of the fireplace.
    Alex smiled warmly, hesitantly stepping over and seating herself. "Why are you hiding?"
    "I call it more enjoying my evening."
    "You don't like all the company?"
    "It can be okay...but not for extended periods of time." His smile, so inviting, showed a playful twist in his personality. "Besides, I wouldn't be engaging in this lovely conversation with you now if we were down stairs now would I?"
    "You don't know that. You could have been." Alex reasured him.
    "But it might not be as comfortable as it is now."
    "Or far more comfortable?"
    "Yes?" She blushed. Her name was sweeter when it rolled off his pretty lips.
    "You visit an alley to relax...that's my relaxing place too"
    Alex went pale. "Wait...you?" She was very confused.
    "I'd love to spend some time with you in a relaxed manner... Meet me tomorrow?"
    She couldn't say no to such an invitation especially to such an alluring gentlemen; yet she was confused and also slightly frightened. How did he know I hang out there? How is that his place to relax too? Wha--? I--- "I would love to show you something...new..."
    "I am not sure what you mean..." Alex hesitated. "It's an alley...I am worried" Short breaths caused her to sound a little winded. Anxiety.
    "What if I said I was magic?" Edgar winked.
    Attraction was suddenly lost. Alex was a realistic girl. "Then I'm affraid we have nothing further to discus." She spoke firm.
    Edgar stood, stepped closer, took her hand pulling her to her feet. He looked her in the eye as he kissed the top of her hand. His sweet scent drifted to Alex's nose, but didn't stop there; a shiver shook her spine and knees, and her breath came short, but not from anxiety. "Hold still." The warm whisper sent shivers down her spine once again.
    Cold over took her senses, and his; their skin faded dark, their clothes too, till they looked like intertwined standing shadows. The dark figures began to sink into the floor then shrink from the floor till the dark spot was gone.

    On shadowed fine grains of sand a dark spot grew, not only outward, but upward, into the two interwind standing shadows who soon were occompanied with defined color, shape, and warmth once again.
    Alex slowly let go of Edgar, her breathing accelerated as she took in the cozy air, swooshing and sloshing sounds of the waves, the starry night sky holding a bright full moon, the salty scent mingling with that of plant life, the sand moving beneath her feet. "What? What?"
    "I love the beach. It its self is quite magical!" He stepped softly toward the waters, kneeling down and catching a small rivet of the tide coming in. He stood, held it before the stunned Alex whom caught the moon and their shadowy reflections in its reflections.
    "What are you?" Stunned.
    His smile wavered for only a seconed and returned in full. "Magic." He repeated softly. "Hold your hands out together, tightly." She did so and he gently let the cool clear water slip through his fingers into her hands. He pulled from his suit pocket a small clear cylinder glass bottle; held it at the tips of her fingers and began to tip her hands with his other hand, the water poured slowly into the bottle. Leaning over, then returning erect, he let a pinch of sand settle to the bottom of the bottle and capped it with a fitting cork. "Here." He put it in her hands. "Its a little bit of magic you can keep with you."
    Alex didn't know what to do. Her emotions were as a chomeleon as were her thoughts. Edgar only waited till her eyes drew to his. He held her hands in his wearing a reasurring smile. It took a long quiet moment before a slight smile showed upon her soft lips. "Magic? This is crazy... Why are you showing me this?"
    He leaned close to her, whispering, "Maybe I see your soul is compatible with magic..." They began to turn dark and fade into the ground once again.
    They were back in that quiet dark room. Alex stepped back, gazing in his eyes. "Compatible? You will show me more?"
    Edgar grinned. "We must return to the party. We wouldn't want any suspicions arising would we?" He pulled her toward the door. "Also, I am inclined to ask you to dance. You're grace must extend to the ball room!"
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