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Only some people are picked for a life adventure.
It was always the same for me my never ending thoughts of those mighty winds.

As a boy I remember laying down each night, and would gaze through my bedroom window just to watch for the smallest movement from the leaves on the tall oak tree that stood just outside my window.

Each night I always made sure that my soft bed covers were folded back just enough for my wide eyes could steal a look on such powerful winds that might have something in store for me.

So with wanting eyes, acute ears, and with an endless curious mind, I hoped soon to enter the secret world of the swirling, hurling, strong winds of unknown.

Even while growing up through the pasting years I have always remain mindful of my stories of those suspicious winds, and spoke of them many times to my dear friends.

Not once did l ever alter my stories but always ventured forth with great excitement telling my stories about the wonderful visions of the angry winds.

My parents often spoke of my youthful days to their friends with a full sense of wonder, and a lingering degree of fear for me.

You see my mother always felt I was special in someway as she once told me years later that on the day I was born the winds blew for ten solid days, and ten nights without ever stopping.

In pasting these same amazing winds would constantly invite my mother and I to witness their frightening powers, and for some unknown reason to me these same winds never did abandoned me.

I at the tender age of ten these swirling enormous winds came in search for my audience to show me their constant growing forces and heavy determined rains.

I remember that terrifying day when those winds appeared in the far distance crossing the wide open fields coming forwards me.

With eager expectations I continued to look along with my mother to witness the morning skies beginning to dim, and with no further warning the winds decided to started their show.

Within a very short time a whip of wind had somehow locked on to our house and without warning lifted our house straight to the air with a strong whirling force beginning to turning our house in large circles in mid air.

This incredible scene before us was liken to the movie Wizard of OZ because our house went around and around for many minutes until the winds finally allowed the house to settle down softly to the very wet ground.

Of course my mother and I watched in total silence, and I remained hidden in my mother's arms in front of our living room window.

And as I pointed my finger for my mother see - hundreds upon hundreds of colorful leaves began masking our living room window, and from my mother's right shoulder I looked with great wonder upon this terrifying sight.

these reddish and yellowish flying leaves began creating a face against our window, a laughing face, and suddenly as they appeared they suddenly fell to the ground, and dance away on their toes bidding me, and my scared mother a safe good night.   

It was twenty years later when the dreaded day showed it's face cancer had entered my mother's body to the point of no return, this cancer was determined to finish it's wicked task, and within one week my mother finally passed away.

three days after my mother's pasting my whole family was now standing in Lakewood's cemetery to honor my mother at her
burial, and without warning a hint of soft wind came invading from the north.

These winds were very small at first just brushing lightly across everyone's face but suddenly this same winds started growing larger, and larger and began twirling to a dangerous command,

All of a sudden my whole family, and friends began running across the cemetery for safety, I alone was chained to my seat unable to move. Now the breathtaking winds began blowing all the surrounding chairs to the open skies exploding them to pieces right before my perplexed fearful eyes.

These same winds began twirling with such a force it had sucked all the air from the surrounding skies, only I was able to breathe, and right before my eyes the winds now took custody of my mother's oak wooden coffin, and took it straight up to join the darken upper skies.

Only I knew the secret of the winds frightening display. The winds had come once more to show their mercy for me by taking my mother's coffin higher, and higher through the vast open skies.

And when I was finally able to move I stood up, and with tears streaming from my eyes I watched my mother's coffin continue to sail upwards, and upwards until her coffin was now no more.

In my deep despair I saw the wet rains finally slowed down to a peaceful calm it was then I saw a small falling object slowly coming to the ground.

In time a red rose had somehow landed safety on to my outstretched hand, it was the same rose I had placed earlier in my mother's coffin close to her peaceful heart.

Now many years have gone by since that day but more unexpected hurt seen to follow me. My aged father with only two years into his retirement was killed in a terrible car accident it seems a drunken driver upon questioning could not even remember if he was driving that day.

Subsequently after my father's death my older brother, and sister made it a point to visit me over the years but as of consequence, there was to be a great conflict over some money that brought me bitter total disappointment.

My brother, and sister decided it was no longer necessary to visit me any longer despite the fact I begged them to reason with me but there was nothing more I could do to make the wanted peace.

As the result of losing my family I had decided never to remember hurtful feelings but to just work in my backyard each day with all the things l love, and truly care for.

So every morning, and afternoon I would just relax in my chair with a hot cup of coffee, and think of the mighty haunting winds.

And this morning was to be no different I had notice my two cats had jumped from a nearby tree, and began running towards me, and with one giant leap both came to rest on my lap but soon they jumped from my lap in flight for a flying carpenter bee.

My eye's began to focus on my colorful flowers, and the many pine tree's that were laden in my backyard.

It was than I felt a small wisp of warm air brushing lightly across my face I said to myself have the mighty winds come back again to visit me once more.

What could be their reason after all those empty years, I suppose it was always my hidden secret and desire for the winds to see me again

And without further thinking about it, I decide to just relax, and let my head fall back into my chair, and with eyes closed I began to pull in the entire sweet aroma coming from my flowers mixed with great excitement for the things that could now confront me.

Miinutes later I opened my eyes only to see some dark enormous clouds beginning to assemble with the ever presence of talking thunder clouds I began to hear them talking with each other, it was now I knew they wanted me.

I notice my cats had given up on their search for the bee, and now surrounded themselves around my two feet.

Now with the coming lighting and thunder I also saw huge winds beginning to uproot my trees in my yard yet not one of those flying trees never harmed me.

Shall I now dare these same winds to also take me? And before my eyes some gigantic clouds had divided to form two giant hands, and with their forefingers were now pointing directly at me, and with amazing speed these hands fell from the skies reaching out for me.

I felt the soft hands of the clouds take hold of me, my two cats with such fear could no longer remain close to my feet but jumped up to my waiting arms closing their small eyes now putting their full trust in me.

There was nothing more to be said just more to see, for the hands of the clouds had now brought me to my feet. Holding my cats so firmly to myself the winds had now pulled me to the open skies, and for some reason I remained not afraid as I looked down below to the disappearing Earth.

I turned my head forward to see what was before me. The skies had opened to a place where there was no more rain or clouds only two remaining visible hands that held on to me.

Suddenly the sky started to close behind me I began yelling down below, "Goodbye my old friend Earth Goodbye forever." And now looking forward I knew my true birth right for I was born akin to the mighty winds that was my secret life, my destiny, and now my final history.

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