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Imagination has no ends.
In my previous writings of poetry, and stories, I always felt constrained, and inadequate for any explanations of the likelihood to answer what actually a poet or writer should be.

The thousands of written pages over the years have enslaved me to almost madness in my sincere, and truthful desire to search for a simple truth to affect poets, and writers to a new approach to writing.

This possible breakthrough would indeed help the walking dead to finally break free from dogmatic traditional ways of writing to the world of full imagination of expansion in their total freedom of thought.

Nevertheless the searchable unmeasured pace for the right answer remains unrelenting.

This unbearable itch I can't scratch provokes me to continue my seemingly endless search because I believe, even if a said gifted poet or writer of shear nakedness of thought and imagination could resolve things with absolute unlimited clarity.

The unwavering traditionalist will continue to pull out their feather quill from their ancient ink pots, and so bravely correct the modern day poet's methods on how poetry ought to be written.

With constant writing, rewriting , and hoping that the wet ink will not fall short, must I continue to look into this unsolved mess?

On the other hand with some natural talent, and persistence will I be able to bring some insight to the natural complexity of imagination or with a limited minds eye, having total confidence purely on our physical senses but forgetting the infinite world of imagination.

But no matter, Whether poets from unknown origins or famous poets - their writings will always stand the age of time but their narrative has brought nothing new to the writing world.

The limited physical perceptions of the five senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell is not against onto itself for the true poet or writer.

Of course, the five senses have there  place in poetry but for the poet who has the endowment of limitless imagination, and with pen in hand will be able to write things with the foresight of knowing God- to touch the untouched, having ability to taste colors, to hear the unheard, and smell beyond what is known.

This unyielding thinking of the traditionalist will only bring the welcome challenge from the poet of new who by no means leaves the world of total imagination but gathers all the physical senses on a table spoon, and brings them to his lips, and with a slurp swallows each one.

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