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Rated: E · Script/Play · Comedy · #1979546
it is what we forget we see and believe as children and is follows the life of Lizzy&Izzy
Hello thanks for reading this. i will warn you it was written three years ago and probably has a lot of mistakes. but please bear with it. It was based off a story that my friends told me and i needed a project for class so i wrote this and fell in love with it. like i said before it was written three years ago and i really haven't changed a thing about it hope you like it! :)

                   Lizzy and Izzy

                                       The cast list          






         Lizzy          and Izzy

         the          script

                                                           Act          one                                                            


         (The          curtains open up to Lizzy and Izzy in the hallway next to the          bathroom door)


         Lizzy                    "Care-bear are you ok?"


         Izzy                    "does it hurt?"


         Mom                    "What are you doing talking to the bathroom door?"


         Lizzy                    "Care-bear is going potty."


         Izzy                              "Care-bear's been in there for twelve hours"


         Mom                    "But you've only been up for twelve minuets"


         Lizzy          "No,          twelve hours!"


         Mom          "Twelve          minutes!"


         Izzy          "Twelve          hours!!"


         Mom          "Twelve          minutes!"


         Lizzy          "No,          twelve hours!"


         Mom          "Twelve          minutes!"


         Izzy          "Twelve          hours!!"


         Mom                    "Anyway, time for school"


         Lizzy          and Izzy          "Okay"



         (The          curtains close and then open up when the next scene is ready. Miss          Igneous is talking to the kids while Lizzy is sitting in the corner          Thinking)


         Miss          Dowling          "Now class settle down you can all have your          snack...'later' "


         Everyone                    "give me that!" "that's mine" (random rambling)


         Lizzy                    "Miss Peanut butter?"


         Miss          Dowling           "Yes Lizzy?"


         Lizzy                    "I have to go bathroom."


         Miss          Dowling          "Well you're going to have to wait."


         Lizzy                    "But I have to go NOW!!!!!!!!"


         Izzy                              "She does you know you don't want her to go bathroom in her          pants. It smells "          


         Miss          Dowling           "Fine go here are the bathroom key."


         Lizzy                    "Thank you" (runs off stage the noise maker slams a door and          then five minutes a flush)


         Miss          Dowling          "Now class it is time for history. Now who knows what the          word history means?"


         Antoinette                    "I do, I do"


         Miss          Dowling          "Anyone?"


         Antoinette                    "PICK ME PICK ME!!"


         Miss          Dowling           "Yes Antoinette?"

                                       (Antoinette          stands up and goes to center stage and then says her line)


         Antoinette                    "History means the branch of Knowledge dealing with past events."


         Izzy                              (saying very loud!!) "SHOE OAF!!!!"


         Everyone                    "Ha, ha..."


         Izzy                              "What she is"


         Everyone                    "Ha, Ha, Ha..."


         Izzy                    "but she is a shoe oaf"


         Antoinette          "its          show off not shoe oaf"


         Izzy                    "b-b-b Oh just shut up!!"


         Principal                    (walks on from stage right) "Time for lunch"

         (And          then exit on stage left)


         Izzy                    "What did you get for lunch?"


         Billyan                    "Oh a sandwich, and jello, and milk..."


         Izzy                    (Izzy interrupts billyan after she says jello.) "JELLO!"(Izzy          tries to grab the jello but billyan moves it away from her and then          loads the spoon with jello to fling in Mrs. Perks face.)


         Mrs.          perks                    "BILLY!!"


         Billyan                    "its Billyan not Billy!!!!!!"


         Mrs.          Perks          "Billy!!!"


         Billyan                    "its Billyan not Billy!!!!!!"



         Mrs.          perks          "GO TO THE OFFICE"


         Billyan                    "b-b-b-but"


         Mrs.          perks          "NOW!!!!!"


         (Billyan          and Mrs. Perks walk off stage left then the curtains close to get          ready for the next scene which is the principal's office)


         Mrs.          Perks          "She flung jello in my face!" "JELLO!"

         "She          should at least have detention!"


         Principle                    "Now Mrs. Perks she's only three years old..."


         Billyan                    "Four actually."


         Principle                    "I am sorry four, but still she is in preschool, I do not think          that it is an appropriate punishment. At least either send a letter          to her parents or take her snack away."


         Izzy                              "Mister Principle"


         Principle                    "Yes Izzy?"


         Izzy                    "I was the one who flung the jello" "I was trying to fling          jello in the turtle's tank so he can eat it and not be hungry."


         Billyan                    "no it was me!"


         Izzy                    "no me!"


         Billyan                    "no me!" (Continue          for five minutes.)


         Principle          "no          one is in trouble, Izzy I can tell that you were trying to take the          blame for Billyan, And that's okay but no one is in trouble"          "Okay"


         Izzy                    "Okay"


         Principle          "now          both of you go back to your class. Oh!! And here" (and then gives          Billyan and Izzy two lollypops)


         Izzy          and Billyan          "Thank you mister principle"

         (Izzy          and Billyan say at the same time."


         (Curtains          close while Izzy and Billyan exit on stage right)

         (The          curtains open up to a scene in the classroom and everyone is          napping)

                   (Random          Whispering) "So the chemical reaction of Iron and Polonium leads          to an Explosion (Random Whispering) and then I will have the newest          nuclear bomb"

         Miss          Dowling          "Antoinette what are you doing?"


         Antoinette                    "Nothing"


         Miss          Dowling "Okay now go back to sleep Antoinette.



         (The          curtains close. to get ready for the scene of the art room when          ready open up the curtains)


         Lizzy          "That          was fun"


         Izzy                    "What          did you make Billyan?"


         Billyan          "Well          I don't know I was trying to make a cow but it turned into a          turkey" (Billyan holds it up for the crowd to see but makes it          look like she was inspecting it)


         Izzy                    "Oh?          What did you make sissy?"           


         Lizzy          "Mr.          Turtle getting swished in jello What did you make Sissy?"


         Izzy                    "Well          I made Care-bear"

                             (She          says while holding it up and then hugging it)


         Lizzy          "Cool"


         Mrs.          Alice          "Now class your assignment is to tell me what you learned          today and then I will dismiss you"

                                       (Everyone          raises their hands)


         Mrs.          Alice          "Lizzy"


         Lizzy          "I          learned about fluffy ghost rabbits"


         Mrs.          Alice          "Izzy"


         Izzy          "I          learned that Care-bears can use the bathroom for a very long time"


         Mrs.          Alice          "Billy"


         Billyan          "MY          NAME ISNT BILLY ITS Billyan!!! Anyway I learned to try not to flick          jello from a spoon to the turtle tank"


         Mrs.          Alice          "you are all dismissed"


         (The          curtains open up to the living room scene in Lizzy and Izzy house          (it is a split stage with the bathroom set)

         (Lizzy          and Izzy run on stage from center stage)


         Lizzy          "Care-bear          are you okay?"


         (Lizzy          and Izzy)

         Mom                    "Uh          Lizzy, Izzy?"


         (Lizzy          and Izzy) "What?"


         Mom                    "He's          stuck in the toilet"

         (Lizzy          runs into the bathroom with Izzy right behind her)

         Lizzy          "Care-bear?"


         Izzy                    "let's          pull her out"

         (Izzy          reaches into the toilet and grabs the stuffed cat's arms)


         Care-bear          "Help          me"


         Lizzy          "let's          use a plunger"


                             (Izzy          grabs the plunger and sticks it in the toilet and the "cat"          flies across the room Lizzy picks it up and smells it)


         Lizzy          "You          need a bath"          (she sticks it back in the toilet)


         (The          curtains close to get ready for the next scene which is Billyan in          her room)








         Billyan          "Mister          Fifi"

         Fifi                    "yes          Billyan?"


         Billyan          "Why          does everyone call me Billy?"


         Fifi                    "because          Billyan you're older brother is named Billy and you look like him"


         Billyan          "I          DO NOT LOOK LIKE MY BROTHER!!!!!!!! (And then she throws a pillow at          Fifi but Fifi ducks and the pillow hits Billyan's mom's face          that just walked in.)


         Mom                    "BILLYAN!!!"

         Billyan                    "yes Ma?"


         Mom                    "go          in the corner of the kitchen!"

         Billyan          "b-b-but..."


         Mom                    "NOW!!!"

         Billyan          "FINE!!!"          (Then stomps off stage right)

                             (The          curtains close while Fifi dose his happy dance)

         (The          curtains open up to the dining room everyone is at the table eating          dinner while billyan is in the corner forgotten)


         Father          "pass          the peas please"

         Billy          "Okay"          "can you pass the spaghetti noodles?"


         Father          "sure"          "here"

         (The          curtains close to get ready for the next scene which is a split          stage one side is Susie's bedroom and on the other side is the          dining room where Billyan is sleeping in the corner)

         Susie          "where          Be-bo? Mommy? Where Be-bo?"


         Mother          "Oh          she's in bed just like you"

         Susie          "I          WANT BE-BO!!!" (She says and then throws a temper tantrum)


         Mother          "BILLYAN!!"

         Billyan          "WHAT?"


         Mother          "where          are you?"

         Billyan          "In          the corner"

         (Billyan's          mother runs to the dining room)


         Mother          "Why          aren't you in bed? Young lady you're grounded!!!"

         Billyan          "yay!!!"


         Mother          "Why          are you happy?"

         Billyan          "Because          I can sleep in my bed now"

                   (Billyan          runs off stage right)


         Mother          "I          am confused now" "Oh well"

                   (She          leaves the dining room to Susie's room and sings her to sleep the          curtains then close)

                   (Lizzy          and Izzy are at their house in the living room with the dad, the          mom, and Timmy their younger brother packing for the family reunion)

         Lizzy          "But          I don't want to go"

         Mom          "Come          on Lizzy you have to finish packing"

         Dad          "your          mother's right and you know that"

         Mom          "you          have no room to talk you haven't even started packing"

         Dad          "Because          I am working so we can go to the family reunion"          

         Mom          "you          mean playing solitaire on your computer all day long"

         Dad          "No"          "designing video games"

         Mom          "Aka          playing them"

         Dad          "ya          I play them because I have to test them it is a very long process"

         Mom          Lizzy          and Izzy's Pet Lizards can make and test one In less than five          minutes""Oh and you're not bringing your laptop to the family          reunion"

                   (Lizzy          and Izzy step in between their mom and dad)

         Lizzy          "no          fighting mommy no fighting"

         Izzy          "Ya          No fighting daddy no fighting"          

                   (Timmy          starts throwing random stuff in the suitcases including the dad's          laptop)             

         Timmy          "I          pack I pack" "mommy we pack we pack"

         Mom          "Timmy          we weren't fighting we were just having a debate there's a          difference you know"

         Timmy          "No          You Fighting"

                   (The          dad pulls out his broken laptop)

         Dad          "honey          I don't think I'll be bring the laptop"

         Mom          "why?          Oh well we will buy you a new one after the family reunion"

         Lizzy          "Mommy?"          "Do I have to pack?"

         Mom          "yes          lizzy"          

         Lizzy          "Do          I have to pack?"

         Lizzy                    "Okay"

         Mom          "yes          lizzy you do"

                   (They          start packing again when they hear a Knock at the door Billyan comes          in skipping in from stage right with Fifi)

         Billyan          "hi          a how's it going?"

         Izzy          "it's          going good"

         Dad          "what          is that?"

         Billyan          "he's          a giraffe"

         Dad          "I          don't think he will fit in the car"

         Billyan          "don't          worry mister he can shrink"

         Fifi          "shrink!!"

         Billyan          "you're          too small"

         Fifi          "okay          grow"

         Billyan          "you're          way too big"

         Fifi          "fine          I'll shrink shrink"

         Billyan          "perfect"

         Dad          "ok          everyone load into the car"

                   (Everyone          exits on stage right Billyan gives dad her bag he heaves under the          immense weight and almost falls over the curtains close)(The          curtains open up to the R.V scene)

         Mom          "Who          wants popcorn?"

                   (Billyan,          lizzy, Izzy, and Timmy say) "I do I do"          

         Mom          "ok,          Ok settle down"

         Timmy          "popcorn,          popcorn me want popcorn"

         Mom          "you          can each have your own bowl"

         Timmy          "that's          mine"          (Timmy says while grabbing the biggest bowl that was filled          with popcorn he slaps the side of the bowl and the popcorn goes          everywhere)

         Mom          "TIMMY!!!"          "CORNER" "NOW"

                   (The          curtains close for Intermission)          










                   (The          curtains open up to the family reunion scene)

         Fifi                    "Get          off of me!!"

         Timmy          "Me          want ride!!" "Me want ride!!"

         Fifi          "Well          you're not going to get a ride because if you do I am going to          drag you in the forest and leave you there"

         Timmy          "Mommy          he means" Mommy he means" "whaaaaaaaaaaaa..." (He cries          until the mom talks to him)

         Fifi          "Be          quiet you little..."

         Billyan          "Bad          Fifi bad you be nice to him" "okay?"

         Fifi          "Fine          I will try"

         Timmy          "You          bad girl Fifi" "you bad girl"

         Fifi          "I          AM NOT A GIRL I AM A BOY!!!"

                   (Susie          pops out of Billyan's suit-case)          

         Mom          "Ahh!!!..."

         Susie          "Be-bo!!"

         Billyan          "Susie          what are you doing here you need to go back home!"

         Susie          "No          I stay here" "me don't want to go home" "me stay here!"

         Billyan          "No          you have to go home"

         Dad          "She          can stay we will have to tell your parents though" (The Dad pulls          out a cell phone and talks into it)

         Dad          "Your          parents said it was okay to stay)

         Susie          "Who          are you?"

         Timmy          "I          named Timmy"

                   (The          curtains close to get ready for the food fight scene the curtains          open when ready)

         Billyan          "Fifi""remember          what I said be nice"

         Timmy          "I'll          try"

                   (Lizzy          runs in from the audience chasing Mimi the lizard)

         Lizzy          "Mimi          get back in the bag!"

         Mimi          "NO!!!!!!"

         Lizzy          "Fine          then you can stay here out in the cold"

         Mimi                    "I          will then"

         (Mimi          runs every ware she then jumps on the stage and throws a pie at          Lizzy's face but she ducks and hits the grandpa in the face)

         Grandpa          Joe          "Ah you little vermin" (he picks up a pie and starts to          throw it but it lands at his feet because he fell asleep)

         Lola          "Grandpa          this is how you throw a pie"

                   (She          gives the now awake grandpa Joe the Pie and he shoves it in her          face)

         Lola          "You          know what!"(She throws the pie at Grandpa Joe but he ducks and it          hits Lola's mom in the face) (Everyone keeps throwing pie at each          other)

         Timmy          "Whaaaaaaaaaaaa..."

         Susie          "Whaaaaaaaaaaaa..."

                   (The          curtains close)(The curtains open up to the Mom cleaning the pie off          of the kids faces while the dad is just sitting there eating pie)

         Mom          "Lizzy          and Izzy next time don't bring your lizards" "okay"

         Lizzy          and Izzy          "Okay"

         Dad          "Mmmmmmmmm"          "this is good pie!"

         Mom          "Get          yourself cleaned up"

         Dad          "I          will" "I will" "after I eat these pies" (he says and then          points to a whole mountain of pies)

         Mom          "I          am not going to say anything"

         Dad          "What??"          "Someone has to eat them!"

         Mom          "Sigh"          "never mind"

         Mom          "Everyone          load up"

                   (The          curtains close) (The curtains open up to the living room being all          messed up)

         Care-bear                    "Oh"          "uh" "Moooo!!!" "Mooo?" "Uh" "meow?"


          (Mom          screams and then faints)          

         Dad          "Holy          macaroni and meatballs!!"

         Lizzy          "Care-Bear??!!"

         Izzy          "Care-Bear??!!"

                   (The          curtains close and then open to a clean living room)

         Mom          "I          don't think we can keep the cat"

         Dad          "Neither          do I"

         Lizzy          "Mommy?          Do we have to get rid of Care-bear?"

         Izzy          "Can          we please keep her daddy?"

         Care-bear          "Please          Pretty Please" (The cat goes up to the dad)

         Dad          "Uh"          "you can talk????"

         Care-bear          "No!!"          "Uh" "meow??"

         Timmy          "Please          daddy Please?"          

                   (Lizzy,          Izzy, Timmy, And Care-bear give the dad the puppy dog eyes)

         Dad          "Fine          we will keep him but next time we go on a trip were bringing him"

                   (Curtains          close and open to the actors take their bows)


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