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by Chris
Rated: 13+ · Other · Drama · #1979882
New HOH and new Nominations! Oh. the drama!!!
(Previously on Big Brother Posted: 10 new houseguests entered the Big Brother house, when two new twists were revealed to the house: The MVP twist, and the saboteur twist. The contestants had to vote for Head of Household, and Austin took control. The saboteur began their evil actions by destroying the HOH Room, but he wasn't done, when he decided to lock Lynette in the Diary Room for 2 days, which caused her to break down. Austin nominated William and Candi, as William being the target. Karissa stole all the power as she on both MVP and POV, and used it on Candi to avoid having a target on her back, while Austin used Jin as a replacement. The message of the saboteur left people in question about Jin being the saboteur, and to be safe, Jin was the first evicted from the Big Brother house. In the Head of Household competition, the houseguests had to hang on for dear life.)
Tonight on this episode:
A new Head of Household will be crowned
How will people see Lynette after her breakdown?
The saboteur will start off the week with a bang
How will Ryan save himself, being a friend of the accused saboteur?
Two people will be nominated for eviction.

It all happens now on Big Brother Posted.

Host: By a vote of 5-2... Jin, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Confessionals: (Austin) What the heck just happened? I thought William was supposed to be evicted? What were they thinking?

Confessionals: (Bren) Was Jin the saboteur? I guess we will never know, but you have to admit: that message was suspicious.

Confessionals: (Ryan) I am so dead. You know what happens to the evicted person's ally? They get evicted. I don't want to, so I have to win the HOH.

[Another Flashback]

Host: This challenge is called "Skyscraper" and you have to hold on for dear life. Good luck.

Candi: So which one of you bitches is going to fall first?
Tiffany: Obviously not me.
Karissa: Is that a challenge?

Time Elapsed: 35 minutes

*Tower starts to rise up and wind it pushed against the houseguests*
Lynette: It is getting so cold up here!
Ryan: I knew I should have brought a jacket.
Skylar: AAAHHH!!!

Confessionals: (Skylar) I am stuck hanging on top of a tower, and I am completely afraid of heights. I think I am going to fall soon, but who knows. Maybe I will man up and take the gold.

Tiffany: Ugh! I can't hold on! *Falls to the ground* Ouch! That was a hard fall.
Skylar: And it is only going to get higher from here! 0_0 That is it! I quit! *Jumps down*

Bren: Good job, guys!
Lynette: Nice try, you two.
Skylar: Oh shut up.

Time Elapsed: 1 Hour, 12 Minutes

Lynette: So, Bren... How are you doing?
Bren: You know, just hanging around.
Lynette: Hehe *Blushes*

Confessionals: (Lynette) I think I really like Bren. He is so awesome. With him and Tiff, I think I will be able to survive this house.

Ryan: Come on! I can do this. Whoa!!! *Faceplants to the ground*
Candi: *Snickers* What a loser!

Confessionals: (Ryan) I really believed I could win, and I was the 3rd person to drop. So much for winning the Head of Household, but there is always the Power of Veto if I am nominated, right?

William: *Pants* I think I need to work out.
Everyone: You think?
William: Shut up!!!
Austin: Haha!!
Confessionals: (Austin) William is so easy to make fun of. He is the kind of person who whines when they are made fun of, which is why I like to bully him.

*William lets go and falls down*

Bren: Good job, William
Karissa: Nice job.
Candi: I guess it is us 4 now.

Time Elapsed: 1 Hour, 54 Minutes

Karissa: How long has it been?
Lynette: *Slouches* I don't know, but it feels like forever.
Bren: It's okay, Lynette. You can do it... Lynette.

*Lynette faints and falls to the ground*

Bren: LYNETTE!!!
William: That's gotta hurt.
Tiffany: Lynette's has been having a hard time, hasn't she?
Candi: That is it. I am done. *Jumps off*
Ryan: It looks like it is down to Karissa and Bren.
Karissa: I am not going to give up until I win Head of Household.
Bren: Me neither. Bring it on!!!

Time Elapsed: 3 Hours

Lynette: These people are not going to fall any time soon, are they?
Ryan: Nope.
Karissa: I am not going to give up until I win.
Bren: I know. You just said it an hour ago.
Karissa: I know. I am just getting tired.
Bren: Then fall. I promise I will keep you. I mean, why would I nominate you?
Karissa: ... *Falls to the ground*
Bren: Phew! *Jumps down* I am HOH!!!
Lynette: YAY!! *Runs and hugs Bren*

Confessionals: (Bren) First HOH is in the bag! Now I just have to think about who to nominate...

[Storage Room]

*Lynette, Tiffany, and Karissa are discussing game*
Karissa: God damn it, girls! I was so close to winning that HOH!
Tiffany: Don't be so mad. You did a lot better than both of us combined, and I mean our times up their.
Lynette: There is always next time.
Karissa: You should talk. You were all happy when Bren won HOH!
Lynette: That's because I lov- 0_0 Uh... Because he helped me get Jin out.
Tiffany: Huh?

Confessionals: (Tiffany) And I thought I was strange. Lynette obviously likes Bren. That is a no-brainer, but as I say, "Chicks before d***s" Always chicks before d***s.

Bren: Who wants to see my HOH room?
Skylar: Yay! Let's go!
Ryan: To the HOH Room!!!
*Everyone walks up to the HOH room, and Bren opens the door*
Ryan: Wow! It is so awesome!!! It is too bad that the people reading this can not see it.
Candi: Wow, this room I not too room. I think I should get Head of Household for once.
Karissa: I don't need Head of Household. I got POV in the bag again.
William: Maybe I should not have dropped out of the HOH comp so quickly.
Bren: This palace gets to be mine for a whole week. Sweet!
Skylar: Congratulations, Bren. *Skylar and Ryan leave*
Tiffany: I have to go. Kiss, kiss. *Tiffany, William, and Karissa leave the room*
Candi: Bye, Bren *Candi and Austin leave the room, leaving Bren and Lynette*

Lynette: Well, it is a good thing you won Head of Household. Congrats on that.
Bren: Thanks. It is a good thing it is trashed like last time. Hey, Lynette are you okay? You look a little red.
Lynette: Oh, nothing. Just warm.
Bren: You took a really hard fall back there. Are you sure you are fine?
Lynette: Of course. It was only a tumble.
Bren: Good, because it would be horrible if you got hurt.
Lynette: *Turns really red* It would?
Bren: Of course *Hugs Lynette and kisses her on the cheek* Let's make it far together.
Lynette: O-okay!!!

[Living Room]

Skylar: Nothing really changed since Jin left the house.
Ryan: I know. It is basically the same.
Skylar: What are you talking about? He was your best friend here.
Ryan: He was, but I am over it. I am not being all fussy and complaining about avenging him, am I?
Skylar: Uh... No.
Ryan: Exactly, so it shouldn't make me a threat, should it?
Skylar: I personally do not think so, but the choice is pretty much up to everyone else.
Ryan: I just really hope I am not a main target.

*Television starts turns on*

Lynette: Not the saboteur!
Karissa: What does Jin want now?
Bren: I was hoping for a good week.

*Everyone walks to the couches and sit down*
???: Hello, houseguests. You think you got the saboteur out of the house? Wrong. It was just to get him out. Anyways, for this week, I stole all the food from the fridge, and left nothing but some yummy slop, but I still have yummy food of course. Have fun!

Skylar: AAAHHHH!!!! *Runs to the fridge * It is empty!!!
Lynette: What? You can't be serious.
Karissa: *Stares at slop* At least I can go on that diet I always wanted to try. Heheh...
William: This saboteur is really getting on my nerves.
Candi: I can't wait to evict that bitch. He deserves to pay. I ain't going to eat that yucky slop!

[Guys' Room]

*Bren has a conversation with Skylar*
Bren: I don't know who to nominate for eviction.
Skylar: Do you even have any ideas.
Bren: I do have some: I won't nominate you for sure, but maybe Austin or Karissa because they are both threats. There is also Candi and William, who were nominated last time, because Candi is straight up annoying and William is just suspicious.
Skylar: Did you think about Ryan? What if he I secretly mad about the whole eviction of his friend.
Bren: He does not seem so mad about it, so I do not think he is a big problem. So I got 4 options here. I need to think on it.


*Karissa does her make-up and Austin comes by*

Austin: Karissa, we need to talk.
Karissa: Sure, Austin. What's up?
Austin: I have an idea. We are both very strong and talented, and will be unstoppable if we just work together in this game. So what do you say? Want to be in an alliance?
Karissa: Uh...

Confessionals: (Karissa) What the heck am I supposed to say. I already have an alliance with the girls. This alliance with Austin can totally backfire on me, but I can't afford to lose an ally, so I said...

Karissa: Sure, why not.
Austin: Great. Our first alliance meeting will be back here after the nomination ceremony.
Karissa: Got it.

[Nomination Time]

*The houseguests are outside while Bren is choosing nominations*

Confessionals: (Ryan) I hope Bren understands that being friends with Jin does not make me a target in this game. If I go up, I am not going to be able to trust him ever.

Confessionals: (Austin) I think I might go up. Probably make him mad for being too awesome. I am super athletic, and it might be my weakness.

Confessionals: (Karissa) I will not be surprised if I go up. I already won MVP and POV. I am the best girl here, and I want to keep it that way until the end.

Confessionals: (William) I just dodged a bullet last time, and I am really hoping I do not have to go back up on the chopping block.

Confessionals: (Candi) I expect good things from Bren, so he better not put me up, or he will feel the wrath of Candi.

*Bren comes outside*
Bren: It is time for the nomination ceremony.

*Everyone sits at the table and Bren bring out the key machine thingy*

Bren: This is the nomination ceremony. It is my duty as Head of Household to nominate two houseguests for eviction. I will pull the first key, and they are safe. They will then pull the next key, and o on and so forth.

*Bren pulls out the first key*

Bren: Lynette, you are safe.
Lynette: Thanks, Bren.
*Lynette pulls out the next key*
Lynette: Tiffany, you are safe.
Tiffany: Thanks, Bren.
*Tiffany pulls out the next key*
Tiffany: Skylar, you are safe.
Skylar: Thanks, Bren.
*Skylar pulls out the next key*
Skylar: Ryan, you are safe.
Ryan: Thank you, Bren.
*Ryan pulls out the next key*

Ryan: Candi, you are safe.
Candi: Thanks, man.
*Candi pulls out the final key*

Candi: Austin, you are safe.
Austin: Thanks, bro.

Bren: I have nominated Karissa and William for eviction. Karissa, you are a really competitive player, and you are in it to win it, so no hard feelings. William, you are very good player too, so don't take this personally. I wish you both luck to surviving the MVP tomorrow. This nomination ceremony is adjourned.

Confessionals: (Karissa) That Bren really has to nominate the two strong players. All I hear is 'I am desperate and I am nominating the two strong people so I actually have a chance at winning.' I am going to win that Veto no matter what.

Confessionals: (William) Well, here I am on the block once again. I am going to fight my hardest to make sure I am still in this house by the end of the week. Wish me luck!

Who will win the Power of Veto, and will it be used to save either Karissa or William from the block. Find out in Episode 6.

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