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The horror lyric that started Xavier Fox and pushed my lyrical limits further.
Blood on the Mirror..
How can't you hear her?
Why does this sound always stay?
Now that you see me
You start to stop breathing.
Now watch as all life fades away.

You ask for the meaning
Of my heart that is bleeding
It's cold so it all stays in place.
You think you have found me.
With death all around me.
Tear up when you see my face.

Dark lies and Angels
Red eyes and chainsaws.
You're here so there is no escape
Now please come nearer
There's blood on the mirror
Say your last words, this is your fate.

You're whole soul will shake then
I shall awaken
I sense the screams coming from within
Your worlds getting darker
You can not go farther
Black roses will rest where you live.

You beg me to stop this
I grab my knife from this
Xavier will always get his prey
Your trapped, path is clearer
There is blood on the mirror
Only thing you can do now is pray.

Flesh,Bones are broken
The dead was awoken.
I sense the fear in your eyes.
Xavier Fox found you.
Cut your arms and your mouth too.
Prepare for your ultimate demise.

You wake, you were dreaming.
You smell something steaming
You see a door open in-front of you.
Oh how convenient
You think you can see it.
It's dark and it's filled full of gloom...

Chainsaws so bloodshed.
Looks like I've not woke up yet.
I'll be the nightmare to your dreams.
You tell me you're sorry
you walk around all wary
My soul will not rest in peace...

*Voice deepens and gets ghostly*
You walk in to see it clearer
It seems to be coming nearer
Can it sense you have fear or
The inability to steer yourself
So you sit and stare at her
She mutters right at ya

*All noise stops, and in a faint voice..*
"Blood on the mirror.....
Now you can hear her..."
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