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by brom21
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A lone griffin looks for a special object.
In the crystal cove

Where the griffin roams

He seeks a treasure

That none can measure.

The crystal sings

What the wind brings

His heart yearns for a special key 

That will return him to his place of being.

For years he wondered through the world of men

When he stepped through a portal in a leafy glen

To be in his magical realm his heart yearns

To frolic and fly with when he at last returns

With the unicorns, phoenixes, and among the ferns

This key was a stone that a wizard formed.

That opened a mysterious, forbidden door

To use his dark power to enslave and conform

It was this brave griffin who chased him back to his place

To the mortal abode and its cosmic space.

When the wizard died he left in a scroll

The place of the stone in this crystal hold.

In the heart if this labyrinth he beheld with his eyes

The stone key floating with an ocean’s blue shine.

He grasped it with his claw and spoke the incantation

That was likewise in the scroll as his heart felt elation.

Than a portal appeared like star in the heavens

Which he passed through to be in their presence.

And so it was that he spoke of Man’s’ realm

In his own land that he loved and dwelled.     

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