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Nyx wants 2 plunge the world in eternal darkness.Can the Sages stop Nyx before its 2 late?

It began almost three thousand years ago. In a time of chaos, destruction, and death. The world had fallen into a terrible war, one that had lasted nearly fifteen centuries. A war between the Elemental Guardians. Nyx-Ozul, the guardian of shadows, had become a power-hungry sage. They wanted to rule the world and plunge the world into eternal darkness. However, the nine other guardians would not allow that to happen. Thus begins the war of the sages.

The guardians were placed into three classes of power. There was the first group, the primary elementals. The sages fire, water, earth and air. Followed by the secondary group. They were not as powerful as the first group, but still held a mass amount of power. They were the twins of thunder and lightning, plants, and ice. The final group was made of only 2 guardians. They were thought to be the weakest of the guardians. Nyx-Ozul, master of shadows, and Cobalt, master of metals were the tracheary group of guardians.

Being placed into the weakest group didn't sit well with Nyx-Ozul. It had sent them into a rage that eventually started the war. Nyx-Ozul offered to the other guardians to serve under them in the eternal darkness. The other nine elementals refused to bow down to Nyx-Ozul and their ridiculous notions. So, Nyx-Ozul attacked the other sages with a mighty force.

The other sages fought off Nyx-Ozul’s army of shadows for the better part of the 15-century war. However, it seemed like there was no end to their army. No matter how many enemies the nine had vanquished 10 more seemed to take the fallen’s place. The nine were beginning to grow weary and weak, while Nyx-Ozul was growing powerful with each passing century.

Finally, as the war was nearing its end,  the nine were reaching the limits of their powers. They couldn't keep Nyx-Ozul’s forces back much longer.

“Goliath, I fear I can't hold out much longer. I'm reaching my power limit.” Fleur, the sage of life, cried to her brother of Earth as she erected an oak tree to hide behind. Her once beautiful flower-like figure now wilting like her namesake. Her skin turning an ashy grey as she used more and more of her depleting energy, just to stay alive.

“We need to do something, and fast. Otherwise, Nyx will win and their plans to plunge the world into darkness will come to pass.” Seraphine, the sage of Fire called as she whipped another ball of flames at the shadows army. Her flames were barely able to stay lit long enough to hit the enemy.

The other guardians agreed with the fire sage with a solemn look. They all knew that the war wasn't going to last much longer. They feared that the victory would not be theirs to hold. They gathered together for the last strike against Nyx-Ozul and their army.

When all hope seemed lost Cobalt, the sage of metals, came up with a plan.

“There is one way to finish Nyx-Ozul off, but it comes at a great cost. We will only be able to use it once, so missing will be disastrous.” he starts. The other guardians looked at Cobalt with sad eyes. They knew what he was referring to, and they had been reluctant to use the skill.

The skill was indeed a powerful skill. One they had never had to use before, especially in their weakened state. It was to combine their elements into a single strike. Unfortunately, it would require the use of all the power they had left. Thus, it would end the reign of the elemental guardians. It would destroy the guardians, meaning if they failed Nyx-Ozul would win and darkness would cover the world for all eternity.

“It is a risk we need to take. If we don’t, they will undoubtedly suffer.” Raxka, the sage of lightning yelled above Rayden, her twin brother’s, clap of thunder. She gestured to the humans who fought and died in their name. Their bodies and bones littered the streets.

“Rax is right. If we don't use the skill the fate of our followers will be determined.” Zephyr cried as they blasted several shadowy figures apart with their power over the air. The rest of the sages nodded in agreement.

“Glad we are in agreement. Now we must figure out how to trick Nyx into staying still long enough for us to blast them.” Yuki called as she slammed her hands down into the ground. Moments later ice spikes shoot up from the ground and impale many of the shadows. Sweat pouring off her in frozen droplets.

The guardians paused a brief moment to come up with a plan to trick Nyx. But no matter what they came up with, they realized Nyx would see right through it. This devastated the guardians, as they knew nothing would stop Nyx once they had won. Suddenly Adrian, the lord of water had a crazy idea. He called his fellow guardians.

“Guys, I may have a solution. However Sera, Fleur, you might not like it,” he yelled as he blasted several shadowy figures with a giant watery hand.

The girls looked over and frowned at Adrian. At this point, Seraphine had started using a sword make with flames in an attempt to preserve her strength. Fleur had begun hiding behind her oak tree and using her ability to speak to animals to attack the shadows. “Just spit it out already Aqua boy” snapped Sera as she drove her sword through a shadow.

“What is it, Adrian? What’s your idea?” Fleur said barely above a whisper. Her breath was short and heavy. Sweat pouring off her like rain. She just barely dodged a swipe from one of the shadow figures. Her brother, Goliath rushed to her aid and struck the attacker with his stone fists. He then scooped his sister up in his arms and carried her over to where Adrian and Seraphine were fighting.

“Before all this started, don’t you remember Nyx expressing their interest in you two.” Adrian started as he shot a wave of water towards the oncoming shadow army. The female guardians nodded slowly, not sure where Adrian was going. They waited for him to finish. “Well. why don’t we use that against Nyx? make it look like you both have decided to switch sides. Then get close to them and blast them with your binding spells.” he finished.

Seraphine looked horrified at his suggestion and went to protest, but Fleur held up her hand to silence her. Sera frowned at Fleur and remained quiet. It took Fleur a moment to gather enough strength to stand. She turned to Sera and spoke.

“ Adrian’s right Sera. look I don’t like the idea any more than you. But we haven’t come up with anything else. This is our only chance to save the humans and win the war.” she said softly as she slowly walked towards her firey friend. Sera groaned and gave in. she knew her opposite guardian was right. Only Fleur and herself could get close enough to Nyx to attack.

“Ok fine. Here’s what we do. Fleur, you look too weak to do much damage. So leave that to Sera. We need to make it look like you’ve left the group. So, you’ll need to attack the others, and make it look convincing. Then Sera will carry you to Nyx and beg them to save you. If Nyx still cares for you they will try to save you. That’s when you attack with whatever you have left.” Adrian explains to the girls. They nod with determination. He then turns to Goliath who was still standing there doing his best to guard his sister while she spoke to the other two guardians. He nods to the earth golem and Goliath rushes off to tell the other guardians of their plans.

Once the others were informed of the plan, they set it into motion. Fleur started off the plan by collapsing to the ground with great effort she belts at the top of her lungs.

“THAT’S IT! I’M DONE! I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE. I GIVE UP!” she begins shaking. Fleur looks to Sera and nods. “Sera, please. Let us stop this fighting. Let us join Nyx. what are we even fighting them for? You know Nyx is right. It's time for a new ruler.”  she holds her hand out to Sera. she frowns and grabs ahold of Fleur and pulls her to her feet, holding her to support her.

“You’re right Fleur. This fighting has gone on long enough. We are losing, and I’d rather be on the winning side.” Sera said loud enough for the shadow army to hear, which in turn Nyx would be able to hear as well.

Nyx indeed had heard Fleur and Seras’ conversation. They gave a small smile, knowing it was just a matter of time before the two people they wanted to be were by Nyx’s side ruling the world of darkness. Nyx sat back in their throne and watched the two guardians through the eyes of one of the shadow generals.

They watched as it looked like Sera and Fleur were plotting to attack the other guardians. Nyx-Ozul frowned as they got a good look at Fleur. She had looked like she was already spent. Her beautiful skin had turned a sickly grey, and the bright colours that normally surrounded the guardian of life were dull and faded. Nyx worried slightly that she might not make it back to them.

Suddenly Sera attacked the water sage with a large blast of fire. Nyx howled in surprise and laughed triumphantly as the fire hit its mark. They watched as the scene unfolded, the smile on their face growing.

Sera attacked Adrian, then Rayden, throwing balls of fire at them. The boys gave a shriek as they hit. Only the fire didn’t actually hurt since it only burned the air around them. But they acted as if it did hurt.

“What the fuck Sera? Did you burn those tiny brain cells away already? We are on your side, you idiot!” Adrian yelled as he doused the fires around Rayden and himself. 

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