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This is something that I wrote to my mother after she died. More for me than for her.
Growing up, you didn't give me rules... it taught me independence.
You never punished me... it made me develop my own conscience.
We didn't always have enough food... it taught me endurance.
We moved too often... it made me comfortable in solitude.
I did most everything on my own... I learned responsibility.
Certain decisions put us in bad circumstances... it taught me to fight.
It hurt when you disowned me... it taught me strength and hardness.
Every tear I cried... gave me a reason to grow up.
Every difficulty... taught me to carry on.
Everything... made me stronger.

You unknowingly made me stronger,more independent, and able to handle the near impossible. I never got the chance to thank you for this, but I realized that the reason that I can survive is because of you.

So, thank you. I love you
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