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Chapter 1 of An Adventure Time Fanfic The End of Ooo.
Throngs of the Candy Citizens of the Candy Kingdom ran in terror from the monster chasing them. A huge skeletal, three taloned foot crashed behind them - just barely missing them. Black pus-like matter oozed from between the bones, allowing them to move and a green, stringing, decayed flesh-like substance wrapped around the foot, holding the bones together.

The creature was massive - so much that the fall of its second foot completely stepped over the crowd running in fear. Its gigantic and bony tail, formed by its exposed vertebrae, swung overhead and crashed into a nearby building made of Gingerbread, causing it to crumble. Another footfall left a gigantic footprint in the street made of peanut-brittle. The creature was the size of and had the build of a dragon - except without wings. It bowed its large skull down and rammed through one of the defensive walls that surrounded the castle inside the city.

Spears thrown by the Pound-Cake Royal Guards smacked harmlessly against the beasts empty rib-cage. The creature reared its head back before snapping its open mouth toward them. But rather than bite down on them, the monster released a horrible and putrid wind against them - green and foggy. It poisoned them and caused them to fall to the ground - dead.

"LICH ALERT! LICH ALERT!" an obnoxiously loud voice called out. From behind the castle, two gigantic figures appeared. Two autonomous defense robots made from gumball machines, with giant glass domes for heads - the Gumball Guardians. The two were the Kingdoms main form of defense, and their number one offense to the kingdom and its interests was the Lich and anything Lich related. This creature was no exception. No one knew specifically what this beast was - but you or me would refer to it as a Dinosaur, or at least the skeletal remains that made up its body was. As for what it was to the people it was terrorizing, it was an undead horror, brought back to life to serve the Lich. If this was true than this creature's preemptive strike was an exercise of the Lich's will.

The Gumball Guardians began shooting lasers toward the Lich-saurus. The skeletal beast was pushed back as the beams struck his side. But it soon pushed out of the path of the lasers and began to run toward the closer of the two guardians. It leaped into the air and landed on the huge machine with its clawed feet, digging into the metal chest. It brought its huge jaws down around the joint connecting the glass sphere to the Guardian's torso. A controlled tug in the right place, and the glass dome came loose and rolled away, spilling the enormous gumballs across the castle's courtyard. In an attempt to help its counterpart, the second Guardian rushed toward the Lich-saurus, only to have it's bony tail strike him in the head, knocking him over. It tripped and fell against the wall - the impact, cracking a hole into the glass sphere. The Guardians where defeated.

The Lich-saurus returned its attention to the Candy Castle - opening it's jaws ready to take a huge bite out of the north-wall. However, suddenly a yellow-colored, elastic band suddenly reached into it's jaw-bone and began tugging on it. The tug pitched the huge beast in the direction downward of the tug - also slightly unhinging the jaw. It quickly shook its skull to readjust the jaw before looking to the direction it was pulled.

"HEY, YOU BIG BUTT!" a small yellow anthropomorphic dog called to him. "Down here! COME AND GET ME!" It was Jake the Dog - one of the Candy Kingdom's heroes - he was a magic dog that had the ability to stretch his body into any size or shape. He was small and miniscule compared to the beast as he was, but right now, he was the Kingdom's only defense left.

He got the Creature's attention, causing it to blast him with a gust of foul wind. Jake stretched his upper body out of the way and began moving toward the gap in the inner wall the creature had used to enter. The Lich-Saurus turned and looked at him trying to escape. It turned and began to go over the next portion of the wall, stepping on top of it and bringing it down with his weight. It began chasing Jake back through the path of destruction it had wrought on its way into the kingdom.

Back at the castle, the scene was being watched by two spectators - Princess Bubblegum, ruler of the Candy Kingdom, and her steed - Lady Rainicorn; a rainbow-shaped and colored flying unicorn - she was Jake's girlfriend.
"Be careful, Jake," Princess Bubblegum said quietly as she watched the scene. "We can't afford to loose you too."


The Creature had lost track of Jake as he had vanished through the alleys of the candy buildings. It swept its large head over the scene, trying to find him. However, suddenly it stumbled forward. While it was distracted, Jake got into the road in front of it, and stretched his body between two buildings across the street. The length of his body caused the monster to trip. It crashed to the ground and landed with its head outside of the Candy Kingdom's borders.

Jake then moved fast. He ran to the creatures head and began to snake his stretched arms through the sinus cavities and giant empty black eye sockets. Jake began tugging on the huge skeleton, dragging it out of the Kingdom and into the forest nearby. Jake was using all of his strength to pull the creature, despite its protests and resistance. Unfortunately, Jake had to relent his grip on it, when he noticed that a gigantic maggot worm appeared out of the Skull's sinus cavity - disrupted by his arms invading its home in the monster's skull.

"Ugh! Gross man," Jake said as his arms began to unravel. The creature lifted itself up off of the ground and stared Jake down with his horrid empty eye sockets. Suddenly Jake began to growl and his body began to expand. In a moment, Jake had grown to a gigantic size, matching the Lich-Saurus' own incredible size. He punched the monster in the side of it's face before wrapping his arms around its midsection trying to tie it up.

Princess Bubblegum flew on the back of Lady Rainicorn overhead to inspect the battle. She called down to Jake, "Jake - don't let it bite you; it's teeth are infused with the Lich Decay!"

"No problem, PB!" Jake called. His arms began to expand and wrap around the beast's snout, shutting his jaws closed. "How do we get rid of this Ugly gloober?" Jake asked her.

"The Necrofascing-Biomass holding him together is very unstable, water should break the particles apart," she called to him. "Throw him in the water!"

"GOT IT!" Jake called. He continued to struggle with the beast, leading it through the forest. They finally broke into the clearing of the beach. The ocean's waves continued to slap onto the sandy shore. Jake mustered up all his strength and lifted the monster off the ground. He began to swing the bony Lich-saurus around in a spiral until he finally released the monster, sending it flying out into the water.

The horrible zombie-creature splashed into the deep blue of the Ocean. It resurfaced only a moment to show that it was struggling to stay afloat. The onlookers could see that the black mass that held it together was being destroyed. Soon the bones separated and began to sink down to the bottom of the coast.

"He did it," Princess Bubblegum said. Lady Rainicorn flew toward Jake and began to congratulate him in Korean.

"Aw thanks, Sweety," he said to her.

"Come on - we need to get back to the Castle and form the War Cabinet," Bubblegum said. With that, Lady Rainicorn turned and began to fly off toward the castle. Jake began to follow them, when he was compelled to stop and look back out at the sea.

The Sea...so full of memory. Bad memories but there were some that were not so bad. He looked out on the rolling blue waves and remembered his best friend, Finn and all the good times they had together. Finn was always terrified of the ocean - probably from some childhood trauma. Jake was reminded of the time that he tried to cure his friend's fear of the ocean. It didn't go over so well, but it was a noble cause. He was somber now. Finn had been missing for Months now. They couldn't find him no matter where they looked...He hoped that Finn was alright...and he missed him terribly.


Jake couldn't care less about what was being said in the War Room. Princess Bubblegum had assembled her War-Cabinet of allies from across the Kingdom to answer the threat the Lich had now posed to them all. But many members were still not in attendance - maybe they wouldn't even bother showing up, or maybe they were just late; Jake didn't care. He couldn't take his mind off of Finn. He should be here for this.

Bubblegum sat at one chair surrounding a large round table - the members of her cabinet sat at the chairs around the table. Several chairs were vacant - but the those that were taken each had a symbol of their authority that pointed from their bodies to the center of the table. Princess Bubblegum sat with a Scepter made from a Candy-cane with a Lollipop head. The Earl of Lemongrab sat with his Sound-Sword. The Flame Queen of the Fire Kingdom sat with a burning torch. Whisper Dan of the Goblin Kingdom sat with a stone sword pointed toward the center. Breafkast Princess of the Breakfast Kingdom used a Piece of Bacon to represent her Authority. The Princess of the Hotdog Kingdom used a plain and dry hotdog out in front of her. And at the final occupied seat, sat Jake - using one of Finn's old swords to honor his memory.

"Thank you all for coming," Princess Bubblegum said. "While I had wished for a larger turn out, I am pleased to see all of you." Bubblegum soon noticed that the Flame Queen was now eying her with disdain. They never did like each other. Back when she was just the Flame Princess, she was sure that Bubblegum had malicious intent. "I know that some of us have had our differences, but I beseech you all that we must put them aside for now. You have all been called here to answer the Threat posed by the Lich."

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