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by stuart
Rated: E · Other · Mystery · #1982865
A downtown bar has many suprises
The bar downtown

The bar downtown was in one of the poorer areas in town. I have been going there every Saturday night for twenty years now. I guess you could say I am an honorary member. In this bar I have seen what you would normally see in a bar, pool tables, a jukebox, and a huge oak paneled bar. My favorite drink of all is Jack Daniels. There are people who come to this bar that I know very well. They were very mysterious to me, their skin was a pale a porcelain, their eyes were as gray as a stormy day. These people always ordered the same drink, the darkest red wine I had ever seen. I finally gained the courage to go sit beside them and chat. First I asked the older man where they were from because they had the weirdest accents I had ever heard.
He responded with “Not from around here,” in a thick raspy tone.
I then asked him what he was drinking. He gave me a seditious and mischievous grin and said
“Let me show you”.
I followed him into the back room of the bar and couldn’t believe my eyes.
“This has to be a trick,” I said in disbelief.
In the back I saw the weirdest thing. There was a huge grape smasher and the older man was making his own wine.
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