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by Archie
Rated: E · Editorial · Gay/Lesbian · #1983157
A few thoughts and wishes for Gays in Virginia.
I can hear the sounds, the renting of garments, the rupture of blood vessels, the wailing of "the faithful," and the joyful sounds of true family values which will soon be enjoyed by all.

Virginia is a stubborn state in these United States. It is held back by superstition, fear of change, and religious bigotry. Stir into that mindless illogic, and Virginia struggles to enter the Twenty-First Century. Sometimes it seems Virginia Legislators are struggling to enter the Nineteenth Century.

Stubborn is good when it comes to certain things, like defending individual rights, unsullied by the archaic minds of those who hold weird superstitious beliefs concerning the existence of supernatural beings, and who still think astrology has a scientific basis.

In spite of all this, Virginia is showing a bit of hope. We have a governor and an attorney general who, in contrast to their nannyism, care about the individual rights of all, including gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgendered citizens, note the word, "citizens." Marriage is a civil right, and as such should be available equally to all citizens. A few states, enlightened states, recognize this and have modified their marriage laws accordingly. There is no doubt that someday, preferably soon, Virginia will join those enlightened states in the Twenty-First Century.
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