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Taylor is a 17 year old female who struggels with depression. One day, everything changes.
You're The One

         Taylor lives with her family of 4 and has a difficult time growing up. She has one brother named Josh. She is the only female in the house. Taylor is often made fun of at school because her dad's are a gay couple. She is bullied at school because of this by her peers. Taylor has a difficult time coping with her everyday life. She tries to seek help from people around her but nobody listens to her. Taylor suffers from clinical depression and this causes her social life to be a wreck. Being only 17 years old Taylor is struggling to keep her grades up as shes in her final year of high school. Taylor often see's her psychologist at school because she has been having suicidal thoughts for over three months, they have been getting progressively worse. Today was the day Taylor attempted suicide at school, but before she could something happens.

         Taylor is just waking up for school, it's currently 7:00 am and the sunlight peaked into her room from the bedroom windows. She hears the alarm on her phone go off and with the swipe of a finger the alarm turns off. Taylor can hear the birds singing songs motivating her to get up. Her dad Daniel walks into her room. Taylor looks at him.

"I don't want to get up today" she says sleepily.

He replies, "I know sweetie but you have your projects to hand in. I'll make you a deal. Go to school for the morning to complete and hand in your projects. If you still want to come home at lunch time we'll talk about it then."

She groans and rolls to the other side of her bed, trying to ignore what he said. Daniel goes to the other side of the bed and sits at the end of the bed and puts his arm around her. She looks at him.

She smiles, "Okay dad. What's for breakfast?".

         She sits up in her bed and starts to rub that crusty bread-like crumbs out of her eyes. She fixes her hair quickly. "Kale made some pancakes. Your favourite.", he says sweetly. Pancakes reminded her of her grandmother, Ellis, who passed away last year of a brain tumor. As a result, Taylor suddenly gets a big smile on her face and a single tear runs down her face. This recent event feeds Taylor's depression everyday. Ellis made pancakes for Taylor whenever she visited her. It was their thing that was special to the both of them. After the loss of her grandmother Taylor always felt a piece of her was missing, gone and lost forever.

         "Come on, get dressed. I'll meet you downstairs", Daniel said softly. He gets up from the edge of the bed and walks out the bedroom door, shutting it behind him. The door flew shut with a slam. Taylor dreadfully pulled the covers off of herself to reveal herself wearing an old t-shirt and red underwear. She flipped her beautiful blonde hair across her face and moved it aside. As she stood up, she revealed several cuts on her thighs. She looks down at them and her brain is flooded with bad memories.

         She looks up and lets out a sigh. "Where the hell are my damn slippers?" she thinks to herself as she wanders around her room frantically. "Ah!" she yells as she trips over the slippers she had been looking for. She picks the slippers and moves them out of the way. She walks over to her dresser and opens up the bottom drawer. She takes off her shirt to reveal a screaming bright blue bra. She changes her bra to a dull orange colour and throws on a plain green t-shirt over it. She throws the dirty bra and the old shirt into the laundry basket. "She shoots, she scores" she thinks to herself as she reveals a small smile of achievement.

         She walks to her closet to find her favourite pair of jeans when suddenly she hears her brother Josh's voice and a knocking at her door.

"Hey Taylor, can I --", he says while he's interrupted.

"I'm in my underwear, don't come in!", he backs away from the door quickly.

"I'll be down in a minute", she says while shes putting on her white jeans.

         After putting on her jeans, she goes downstairs and walks toward the kitchen island. She sees Josh and Daniel sitting down. Kale is putting the food on plates in the kitchen.

"Good morning, sweetie", Kale says to her.

"Hi daddy, me tired, me want food, me sleep here, goodnight.", she says as she puts her head on the counter and buries it inside her arm. She lifts her head up to the smell of warm fluffy pancakes in front of her nose.

"Well don't just sit there sis, eat up! Gonna be late for your first day at your new school if you don't eat", Josh states as he stuffs his face full of food.

         Taylor looks at the pancakes and starts to eat them. "These are yummy daddy, thanks" she says to Kale. He smiles at her and takes her plate away from her as she is done. She looks at her watch and realizes its only 7:10 am. "I'm going to go take a shower now." she says as she gets up from the island and makes her way upstairs. She continues to go upstairs and enters the bathroom. Standing inside the bathroom all alone she turns around and locks the door behind her.

         Finally in her own private room with no disruptions, she has time to reflect on her life. She removes all her clothes and throws them on the counter. She walks towards the mirror and stops in front of it. Standing there naked, she can see scars and cuts over her thighs and stomach. It reminds her how worthless she is. She takes a deep breath and lets out a deep sigh. With this in mind, she steps into the shower.

         After she's finally finished, a whole 20 minutes later, she throws all her clothing back on and rushes downstairs to catch her bus. Grabbing her backpack located to the left of her, she reaches down and throws it over her shoulder. She says goodbye to her parents and walks out the door.

         Standing at the bus stop, cold, alone, she can feel the summer heat on her hair. The bus arrives and she steps on. Looking down, avoiding eye contact with everybody, she sits down in a seat and stares at the floor the entire ride. She looks at her thighs. "Fuck it." she says as she presses her thumb into her cuts causing immense pain. Hiding the screams from others, she holds it all in not saying a word. Minutes later, the bus stops; she's at school.

         The morning goes by like any other school day. Going from class to class, head down, looking at the floor. Trying to avoid people.
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