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Prompt #1 for Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest

Prompt #1: Image Inspiration--must rhyme


No moon but a veiled sliver
Sleeping pale behind an unnatural shroud.
Glimpsed through skeletal branches, aquiver.
Wicked trees forboding warnings creak aloud.

So to hurry my stumbling pace
Down the shadowed narrow path;
I follow a Fairy's wispy trace,
To escape the Grimalken's wrath.

Foolish and needless I ventured forth,
Into daylight forest uninvited;
To find myself hurrying north
Wishing I were again with parents united.

Darkness deepens with every footstep
There is no end to the nightmare.
Over roots I stumble, trip and misstep,
To fall in the dirt and find deeper despair.

I've lost the fleeting Fairy trail
They've escaped leaving me blind.
I wept as I crawled on my belly like a snail,
My pitiful fear calling the witch close behind.

I know she will catch me this dark night,
I've fallen into her elusive maze.
I grow tired in my useless flight,
I can see only her, grinning through the haze.

And so my friends found me too late,
I'd nearly made it to the forest edge.
My Parents placed me in a crate
And buried me 'neath a hedge.

Yet, every month I still wander
Along that dark forest lane;
Just a veiled moon sliver
To guide my ghost again and again.

Written for 🌑 Darleen is writing 's April 2014 contest
Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest  (13+)
Round 43 Closed. Round 44 Open April 1. See us in The Contest Challenge.
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