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A rough draft of a short story, about the creation of the world Liro.

Creation of Liro

By J.A. Nora

Before the inception of the world that is Liro, there were the ultimate beings. The mother of the divine, Femin; and to every mother there is a father, Len. Together through conception, Femin birthed their children. Celestial beings themselves, they possessed the power create and were taught to cherish life.

Together Len and Femin wanted to teach their older children Decus, Garstig, Nox, and Vita about creation, and their youngest Arbor, Collis, and Lessus, about mortality. So Femin created soil and Len made the sky. Then Len commanded the oldest to add to the realm.The oldest Decus made the sun so that the world may have light and warmth, The second oldest Garstig made minerals so that the soil was fertile. the fourth oldest Vita made the ocean and rivers, so that life could grow.

Then Fermin told the youngest to make beings to inhabit the realm. The third youngest Arbor first made a forest for his creation to thrive in. Then a marsh deep within the forest, and created a tree of destiny, and from its fruit made the Artto, for he wanted his being to be all knowing.

The second youngest Collis wanted her creation to be strong and tough, so she looked to the desert, and created mountains, and from the mountains the Mul were formed.Their bodies had a tough outer layer, but underneath they were just as soft as the soil that makes the mountain.

Lastly the youngest Lessus innocent in her ways but not brainless thought first to create plants so that her beings could eat, then from the same plants she made the Surn,their exterior leafy and green. Lessus also gave them the ability to talk with the plants, so they would be able to give back to the plants, in return of the food they will receive.

Len, and Femin looked at the beings that their youngest made, and as they did so Garstig claimed they were too perfect. That they needed flaws or they would think they were greater than all. Femin and Len agreed, so commanded flaws be added to Arbor, Collis, and Lessus's beings. Garstig took it upon himself to to tell his siblings what flaws to add. First he told Arbor to curse the Artto with insanity, so they could never truly use the the knowledge of the future.

Ardor countered his brothers flaw by granting the Artto with the ability to only seeing the future once a season. In the Season of beginnings they see new life yet to come. In the warm season they will be able to predict the weather. In the season of change they will see a drastic shift in the world. And in the cold season they will see their own death. Len and Femin were content with this.

Then Garstig turned his gaze to the Mul, and told Collis make their mountain barren, so that they must leave. A lack of a homeland will make them humble to the land. As Collis thought on a way around this Lessus quietly asked if her sisters creations could live with her beings, since the Surn's lands would be quite fertile. Callis agreed and added that her beings could protect the Surn. Garstig calmly told Lessus that her beings had too much power, so they must be blind, though they will still be able to communicate with plants, and sense the presence of other beings. Lessus was saddened that the Surn would never be able to see the beauty of the world, but she understood.

Then Collis insisted instead of always being blind, they go blind after a coming of age. Garstig thought this was reasonable. Lessus had mixed feelings about it, but agreed. The age was set to 12. With this Femin and Len were content. All the beings had their flaws, along with their strengths.

Femin turned to Vita and commanded her to breath life into the beings, and just as she was about to a very groggy Nox the third oldest walked into the room. Len asked her if she had a final thing to add to the beings or world that her siblings had made. She granted them sleep, and death so that they may find eternal rest. With that Vita gave the beings life, and so their life began on the world now known as Liro.

As time had past in Liro, The beings made by the divine grew culture, and found their places in the world. The Artto foresaw Liro making it's own beings. They would be formed from mutated ancestors of monkeys. The Artto told their god Arbor about this, and he his parents. Len and Femin left the decision of what to do with this information to Arbor, be it destruction, telling his siblings, or nothing. Arbor told his sisters Callis, and Lessus about the beings forming on Liro. After much discussion it was decided to wait and see what would come from these children of Liro.

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