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What does that mean, anyway?

*Questionb* *Questionb* *Questionb* *Questionb* *Questionb* *Questionb* *Questionb* *Questionb* *Questionb* *Questionb*

If you say something smells fishy

Is there an ocean up your nose?

Will glitter on your sneakers

make you a twinkletoes?

How can I lend you a hand

Since mine are both stuck on?

When I give you an elbow

Does it mean my elbow's gone?

If I possess two left feet

Where's my other left boot?

Who decided that twelve

Inches make one foot?

If someone's pulling my leg

Am I at least sitting down?

Will my face really freeze

If I wear an ugly frown?

Does my mother have eyes

In the back of her head?

Couldn't she attach them

To her neck instead?

If you can have four eyes

Can you also have four ears?

Is there sunshine in your eyes

When your vision clears?

I keep these questions to myself

Asking them isn't allowed

'Cause when I do, my teacher's face

Becomes a thundercloud.

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