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Another way to look at an Easter icon
Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the theme of resurrection and hope that radiate deep inside the believer in wonder and miracles. I was just in conversation with my mom and she pondered what Easter ceremony could be like with our rat terrier dog Buddy as the centerpiece. Hence forth we might talk about the Easter Buddy instead of the Easter Bunny.

Before you dismiss this as absurdity not worth pondering, consider this. The whole idea of having an Easter Buddy is in essence what Easter is proclaiming. There is a divine Buddy, Jesus who died and rose from the dead so that we could know God really loved us and wanted what was best for us. As an owner of this crazy dog I am not so sure about Buddy being the centerpiece of this theological understanding. There are some storylines that are similar to the actual Easter story.

For one Buddy was cast out and being left for dead, just before Sharon, my wife scooped him up out of a dire circumstance. From there he became our loving puppy even though he was estimated to be at least five years old. Buddy is most definitely full of life and springing all over our house and tearing/racing all over the backyard. His hopping can easily be mistaken for hoping. At times it can be hard to believe someone like Buddy can exude so much pep. The children love him and most people call him cute. The similarities to an Easter Epiphany end there.

Buddy can play favorites. He is not too cool on cats and who is to say all dogs will go to heaven even if there are days that Buddy thinks so. There is also the nagging realization that the dog is partial to certain types of weather and people. His desire to take care of business seems contingent on his mood and circumstance beyond his control. Often time that can mean that we step into his business, which has nothing whatsoever to do with spreading Easter joy or Easter eggs.

I will leave it for the reader to decide. The Easter Buddy has a place. I am just not real sure that our Buddy should be the main reason for a movement that embraces each and everyone of us as a potential Buddy of God.
I did think of some words to a popular song that is sang in celebration of the Easter Bunny:

Here comes Buddy down the trail
hopping down the doggie dale
Hippity hoppity Easter is on the way

I pray that one and all have a great Easter. May one an all discover the joy of resurrection and love for a God willing to die for us!!
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