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A young woman "lost" her house keys and gets in a rather sticky situation.
This story begins with a young woman named Sally, on her way home after work. Sally was a 20 year old college student, working part-time as a waitress in a restaurant. She wasn't the greatest at her job, since she was rather clumsy, but she loved her job anyways. She had medium-length brown hair and light-blue eyes. Her figure was rather eye-catching, her chest was pretty big for a woman her age, her stomach wasn't rail-thin nor was she fat, she just had a small but round stomach, concealed in her dark blue t-shirt. She had fairly wide hips and a pretty big bottom, hidden underneath her tight shorts. But... something happened that would lead to a rather embarrassing moment.

At around 6:00, she was on her way home when she saw her neighbor's pet dog, a small pit bull named Bones. The woman smiled then bent down to pet him, "Aw, hello Bones! How have you been doing?" She giggled, rubbing the dog's head. The small dog just stared at her with a cute puppy face. Sally just giggled again and said, "Ha, ha, ha! You are so adorable!" She said as she got up and headed to her front lawn. She was ready to get her keys out of her purse when she dropped her purse, with her keys flying out to the sidewalk. "Oops, clumsy me. Let me just-" "SWIPE!" Bones ran up and grabbed Sally's keys. Sally smiled, holding her hand out to the dog, "Oh, thanks for grabbing my keys! Now if you could-" Before she could finish, Bones ran off with her keys and headed behind her house. Sally shouted, "Hey! Get back here with my keys! I need those!" She started running after the small pit bullt, who was pretty fast for a dog of its size and jumped into a small hole the size of a basketball.

Sally looked through the hole and saw the puppy playing with her keys a few feet away from the hole. Sally sighed, "Oh, come on Bones... I can't stay outside all day..." but Bones was too busy playing with the keys, not even listening. Sally groaned then decided to look for another way in to her house, but all the windows were closed and couldn't find any way in...

She groaned once again, "Well now what do I do?" followed by a sigh. Sally turned her head toward the small hole Bones jumped through and gave it a close look. She thought, (Hmm, If I could get through, I could get my keys back. But... could I fit?) The hole was rather small and Sally's figure was, well, womanly.

Her face brightened up and she said, "I can do this! I mean, what have I got to lose? Well I mean, I lost my keys... but I will try! What's the worst that can happen?" she shrugged as she placed her purse against and started to clamber through.

Her head along with her arms came first. After a few seconds of struggling, she got through! ...Then she stopped. She groaned, knowing what had stopped her movement, and turned back. Sure enough, her chest was a bit bigger than the hole. Sally sighed, "Okay... time to PUSH!" She shouted as she pushed against the walls.

A few minutes later, she managed to get her breasts through one by one. Sally sighed with relief, "Okay... heh... one down one to... go?" She tried pushing forward to her bottom, but her stomach had other ideas. "HUH?! My stomach is stuck? But... I'm... not... FAT!" She yelled between shoves, but unlike her breasts coming through individually, her stomach was one round mass. She wasn't very big so she made some progress, but stopped at the widest part of her gut. After ten minutes, she realized that she wasn't going anywhere...

Sally sighed, "Ugh... I don't... think I can... make it through." she panted, tired from the pushing. "It's okay though. I'll just go back... and... uh-oh." Sally tried to move back out of the hole but her stomach simply wouldn't come back through and squished around the hole like a pancake. Sally panicked, "Ah! No! I-I'm... stuck!" she shouted as she tried to push herself back, then forward, then back. After another ten minutes of no progress, Sally groaned, "This... this isn't good. How am I going to get out now? ...Wait! I have my phone with me! I can just call one of my friends and... wait..." Just then, it felt like a ten ton weight fell on her head as she realized she had left her phone in her purse. ...Which she left on the other side of the wall. Sally put her hand on her face and moaned, "Ughhhh... Why didn't I bring my purse through the hole first? I'm such an idiot..."

Sally slowly took her hands off her face when she heard whimpering and saw the little pit bull slowly approach her and dropped the keys out of his mouth in front of her. Bones now had a sad face, realizing it was his fault Sally was stuck. Sally sighed, then smiled and patted Bones on the head, "Oh... Don't feel bad... It's my fault. If I wasn't so clumsy, I wouldn't have dropped my keys in the first place. So, don't worry." Bones slowly looked up at her then happily barked and started licking her face. "Ha, ha! Stop! That tickles! Ha, ...Huh?" Bones stopped licking her face and ran off, jumping on top of some crates on the side of the wall to get over.

"W-Wait! Don't go!" Sally shouted to Bones. "Can you at least get some... help? Oh... this isn't good. I'm stuck in a wall by myself. No one around to help me. I... guess I have to wait for someone to come by." Sally slumped down in disappointment for thinking that this was a good idea and decided to wait. She didn't want to yell for help since she wanted whoever came by to help her from this embarrassing situation to keep it a secret.

Thirty minutes later...

Sally started getting tired and slowly started to fall asleep. *BARK BARK* Sally's face jumped up when she heard this familiar barking and said, "Bones? Bones is that you?" "Give me back my homework!" said an young boy. Sally smiled, overjoyed, and squealed, "Oh, Bones! I knew you wouldn't leave me here!" She could hear the voice again and noticed it was coming from a young girl this time. "Come on! This is ridiculously cliche!" the young girl shouted out at the puppy.

Bones came to a stop when she reached the young woman's round bottom. The young boy pointed at the puppy and laughed, "Ha, ha, ha! Got you now. Now give me my homework!" He said holding out his hand. Bones spat out the paper into his hand and he groaned, disgusted, "EWW! Dog spit all over my hard work!" The young girl walked up and put her hand on his shoulder, "Ah! I'm sure it'll be fine. But... enough about that and more about that." She said, pointing at Sally's rear. The young boy rested his arm on his rear and said, "Hmm... It might be some sort of statue. Huh... a rather soft statue." He said, putting some pressure on her butt. Sally blushed and replied, "Um... that's because it is not a statue..." Sally's voice startled the young boy as he said, "Ah! The statue can talk?!" The young girl walked up and told him, "Um... I think it can talk because- *SMACK* -it isn't a statue!" The boy groaned, "Ow! It pays to be smart. Because if you are smart, your twin sister won't slap you in the back of the head..." he said, rubbing the back of his head.

Sally was confused at their actions and asked them, "Yeah I'm real, okay, so could you help me out?" The two siblings both turned to each other and the boy asked, "Er, help you out of what?" Sally face palmed and said, "Out of this hole?" The young boy understood right away and said, "Sure thing, miss!" as he jumped on her rear, causing Sally to yelp, and hopped up to the top of the wall. He turned back to his sister, holding out his hand and said, "Need a lift?" The young girl just grabbed on to her brother's arm as he pulled her up over the hole as they both jumped down to the other side.

The young boy turned to Sally and said, "Heh, good this you have a bouncy bottom or else I- *SMACK*- OW!" The girl slapped his head again as she yelled, "Hey! That is not a nice thing to say to her! I mean, her big bottom is already making her stuck she doesn't need-" she then realized Sally could hear everything she was saying and apologized, "Oh... I-I'm sorry... I forgot you were there." Sally's face turned very red with embarrassment and anger, then simply sighed, "I-It's okay. Could you just help me out of here. I've been in here for a while and I just want to get out..."

The young boy said, "Sure thing!" He turned back to his sister who gave him an angry look and he realized what that meant and apologized, "Oh! And I'm sorry for calling you butt bouncy..." The girl gently slapped her twins head and said, "Yeah! We will help you out. By the way, my name is Paula!" She said, shaking Sally's hand. The boy did the same and said, "And my name is Paulie! We're twins!" Paulie told Sally, as she got a closed look at the both of them. They were both 12 years old and wore the same yellow shirts and Paulie wore blue shorts as Paula wore a blue skirt.. The only other difference Sally could see is that Paula had long brown hair while Paulie had short brown hair.

"M-My name is Sally" she said with a smile, then she looked down and sighed, "Um... not to be rude, but do you really think you two can pull me out? I mean, you're just kids. And this hole is very small. So small, that I haven't even reached the most problematic part." She said, wiggling her bottom. Paula giggled and told her, "Oh, don't worry. Me and my brother have a special gift." Paulie then followed up with, "When were together, we get an increase in willpower." Yeah! And we can use that to pull you out!" Paula said, holding her hands on her hips. Sally simply stared then started to laugh.

"Hey! What's so funny?" Paulie asked. "Yeah. Are you making fun of our abilities?" Paula questioned the stuck female. Sally stopped laughing and replied, "No... well yes... well... I thought that this story was a real life scenario. Now you come in having powers? I don't think readers like that." Sally said, crossing her arms. Paula retorted with, "Well one, this is a very minor power only used to help you out of this hole. And two, I would think that reader hate breaking the fourth wall more that random powers." Sally stopped for a second at a loss for words, then said, "Point taken."

Paula and Paulie grabbed each others hand, increasing their power, then they both asked Sally in unison, "Okay let's try. You ready?" Sally nodded, "Yes I am. I can't wait to get out of here." she smiled, thinking of sweet freedom. Both Paula and Paulie both nodded as they both grabbed Sally's arms, Paula grabbing the right one and Paulie grabbing the left one. They both said in unison, "We won't hold anything back! We'll give it out all and PULL!"

As they began to pull, Sally immediately noticed the strength in the two young twins as her face cringed at the force that they created. The first two minutes, nothing happened except for Sally's top half stretching out and her belly spreading around the hole and not going in. The two twins strained putting as much strength as they could to free her when they both asked, "Ergh... could you try... sucking it in?" Sally mentally face palmed as she said, (Right! Why haven't I though of that before?) she then sucked in her stomach and almost instantly she heard a *THUMP* as Paula and Paulie shouted, "AHH!" flying backwards from the sudden movement.

Sally groaned, knowing that this issue wouldn't be easy, and looked back seeing her chubby tummy now on the other side completely concealing the hole and her hips and butt concealing the other side. "Oh boy, how will I get out of this one? Even with their help, I don't think I will get out that easy..." She moaned, slumping down. Both Paulie and Paula got up and Paulie said, rubbing the back of his head, "Ow... d-did we free her?" Paula sighed sadly, "No. And this will be tougher than I thought..." They both ran over to Sally, grabbed her hands, and started pulling again, but it was hopeless. No matter how much they pulled, all they did was hurt her. Sally couldn't take it anymore and shook them off.

Sally shouted, "It's no use! I can't get through!" and the two twins stopped and thought of something they could do. Paulie whispered something into Paula's ear that caused her to *SMACK* him in the back of the head. Sally's asked Paula, "What? What did he say?" Paula scratched the back of her head and said, "Well... he said that we should try to pull you out from the other side since you may not fit through this way. ...But I don't think your tummy will fit back now." Sally whimpered, trying to push herself back out with her feet but her stomach just flattened around the hole. "No... NO!" She shouted, trying to pull herself forward then backward but neither way would work.

She was stuck tight.

Her face grew red with anger as she was about to yell, then started bawling. Paulie and Paula both looked down, unable to say anything to her as she cried, "I'm... I'm such an Idiot... sniff... i always act b-before I think... a-and it always leads me into trouble... sniff... now I'm stuck and will never get out!" she then put her hands into her face and cried uncontrollably. Paulie and Paula felt so bad for her and that they couldn't do anything, but then, Paula had an idea as she jumped up the boxes Bones jumped over and patted Sally's bottom as she said with a calming tone, "Don't cry Sally, we'll get you out. Paulie!" she shouted to her brother as he quickly ran to her and said saluting, "Yes ma'am?" *SMACK* "No time for jokes. I have an idea but I need you to get Rachel." Paula said to him as he replied, "Rachel? Our babysitter?"'

Sally calmed down a bit and asked the twins, "R-Rachel? Rachel Green?" Paula nodded, "Yeah. Do you know her?" "Yes. S-She is my best friend in College. sniff... I-I had no Idea that she was a babysitter." Sally said, still crying a bit, as Paulie smiled, "She's not just a babysitter. Rachel is the best babysitter! We play games, she takes us on picnics, to the playground. Actually she got stuck in a similar situation like th- *SMACK* -OW!" Paulie yelled as Paula retorted, "Hey! She told us to keep that a secret!" "Ooh... I-I forgot..." Paulie groaned, rubbing his head. Paula shook her head at Paulie and told Sally, "Anyway, Rachel could help us get you out so me and Paulie are going to go get her so hold st- er... just wa- uh... ju-" "I know! Just go get her, please?" Sally cut her off as she replied, "O-Of course! Come on Paulie!" "Okay." Paulie said, still rubbing his head. Sally then shouted, "Wait! Wait! Use my... phone... I don't act before I think. sniff... I just don't think." she cried and just did what she could and waited.

The twins ran as fast as they could when Paulie stopped. Paula also stopped and asked, "Why are you stopping? Come on! We need to get Rachel." "Y-Yeah about that..." Paulie stuttered, "N-Now don't get mad when I say this but I was looking at Sally butt and I-" *SMACK* "You perv!" Paula retorted, smacking Paulie as hard as she could. Paulie groaned, "OW! C-Could you just let me finish?! I was going to say that her butt looked like six inches bigger than the hole. Even if we bring Rachel, I don't think that will be enough." Paula continued to stare at Paulie with anger but then thought about what he said and agreed, "You may be right... But... what else can we do?" Paulie stepped back preparing for another slap and mumbled, "Remember what we did when Rachel got stuck in the playground?" Almost immediately, Paula's face lit up, "Butter! Paulie, you're a genius!" she laughed, hugging her brother and he replied, "Mm prrprrm" his voice muffled from her hug. Paula backed off and giggled, "Alright, you go get Rachel. I'll go back home and try to sneak away the butter. Is that a plan?" Paulie nodded as they went their separate ways to help Sally.


Back at Sally's house, a man the same age as Sally was walking up to her front door. The black-haired man said to himself, "Okay... I'm going into Sally's house... We're just studying together. No need to get all worked up. Let's just..." *KNOCK KNOCK* He knocked on her door with, of course, no answer. He was puzzled and said to himself, "Hmm? I-Is she not home. She did say today, right?" He knocked the door again and still, nothing. Then he tried to open the door... and it opens. The young man was getting a little scared as he spoke gently, "S-Sally? You in here?" He then entered the kitchen, where he saw through the big door leading into her backyard, Sally.

Sally was gently sobbing as she heard, "Sally!" The young man shouted opening the back door. Sally gasped, "J-Jason!? W-What are you doing here?" Jason answered, "We were supposed to study together, remember? What I should be asking is what are you doing out here? Isn't it getting late to... be..." He trailed off when he heard her cry. Jason asked, "What's wrong, Sally?" "Oh... sniff... I l-lost my keys to the neighbors d-dog, he took them into the b-backyard and then I tried to g-get them back by going through this hole and... sniff sniff... now I'm stuck." she cried then questioned, "W-Wait... How did you get in my house?" Jason answered, "The door wasn't locked. I just opened it up and-" "AHHHHHH!" Sally cut him off and screamed causing Jason to flinch and mutter, "W-What's wrong?" Sally roared, "You mean I got stuck here for NOTHING!? I-I could've just o-opened the door? I REALLY DON'T THINK AT ALL!" She bawled, tearing up more than ever. Jason, rubbing his arm, tried to calm her down and bent down and reassured, "Don't cry Sally. Here, give me your arms. I'll get you out."Sally calmed herself and looked up at Jason as he gave her a confident smile when she sighed, "No... Even if you tried, you couldn't get me out of here." "Hey! We won't find out unless we try." He told her, holding his hands out. Sally nodded and grabbed ahold of Jason's arms. Jason pulled with all he could muster as Sally just cringed at the force that was strong, but not strong enough to free her. But nonetheless, he continued to pull.

Back to the twins, Paulie was right in front of the house of Rachel Green, a twenty-one year old who was in College and was Sally's best friend. Paulie walked to the door and knocked on the door. "Hold on a sec!" A feminine voice shouted as it opened the door. Paulie grinned, "Rachel!" "Paulie! What brings you here?" Rachel smiled, as Paulie mumbled, "Um...it's Sally... She's stuck." Rachel gasped, "Oh no! First me, now Sally? Quick! Where is she?" "Come on, I'll take you to her." he said as he led Rachel to her friend. At the same time, Paula headed home to get the butter to help Sally out of this mess. She opened the door and said very quickly, "Hello Mom and Dad, Rachel needs the butter again so I will just take this and be on my way bye!" She closed the door and left her parents speechless as they turned to each other and shrugged.

Jason sat down, tired from the pulling and only making a little progress and panted, "Wow... you're really... stuck." as Sally said sarcastically, "You think?" followed by a sigh, "Well, I guess we need to wait for the "Wonder Twins" to help" Jason chuckled then questioned, "Wait... what are you talking about?" Sally told him about Paulie and Paula and how they were going to get help as he nodded, "Oh, I see. So I guess all we can do is wait..." A few minutes later, Paulie came running back with Rachel and shouted, "Sally! I got Rachel!" Sally beamed, "Yes! They're back!" Rachel laughed at the sorry sight of her wedged friend and joked, "Wow, you, he, he, really need to lose weight," Sally shot back, "H-Hey! You're one to talk! You know very well you couldn't fit through here either!" "U-Uh..." Rachel blushed, putting her hand on her rear. What Sally said wasn't completely true. Rachel was actually very slim, but she did have curves, her chest size was above the average size for a woman her age, as was her hips and bottom. She wasn't as big as Sally, but it would definitely be a struggle for her it she took Sally's place in the hole.

Shortly after they made it back to Sally, Paula came back with a stick of butter. "Hey Sally! I'm back!" Paula shouted as Rachel greeted, "Oh, hi Paula! I knew you would come here. You and your brother and practically inseparable." she chuckled as she noticed the stick of butter and asked, "Why do you have a st... No... you didn't... tell her..." she trailed off as Paula smacked her brother and said, "Blame him." Paulie tried to reason with Rachel and stuttered, "W-Well... Y-You see I... Y-You can't expect me to keep a secret, okay!?" he cried as Rachel put her hand on his shoulder and said, "Don't worry about it. All that matters now is getting Sally free, okay? Now you did bring butter, but we should try without it first so Sally can keep some of her dignity." Sally asked confused, "Wait... What's this talk about butter?" she then realized what it would be for and shook her head, "No, no, no! I'm not doing that! Not when... he's here..." she blushed as Jason said, "You don't need to worry about that. If it does come to that, I promise I won't stare. But let's try to get you out before we resort to using the butter, alright?" he smiled at Sally, causing her to blush even more as she nodded, "O-okay... Paulie? Paula? I-If you could, could you help pull?" The twins both nodded as Paula answered, "Of course! Come on Paulie." Paulie already jumped off of Sally's rear and held her hand out to his sister, "Okay, let's go!" he grinned as he pulled up her twin.

"Ah! So you must be the "Wonder Twins" Sally told me about." Jason joked. Paula gestured to Sally, "Who's this guy? Your boyfriend?" she giggled as Sally retorted with her face red, "N-No! He's a good friend who is also my classmate. Not my boyfriend. Heh, heh..." she chuckled, her face turning even redder when she thought, (Even though I do like him...) Jason shrugged and joked, "Should we get this show on the road? Unless, you want her to stay in there forever.." Paulie shouted, "No way! What, do you honestly think she wants to stay stu-" *SMACK* "Idiot!" Paula scolded, then apologized, "Sorry. He doesn't get sarcasm." Jason just shrugged and grabbed Sally's right hand and asked, "Are you ready?" he grinned as Paulie and Paula both grabbed on to her left arm and she nodded, "Yes. I'm ready."

Rachel took that as the cue to start pushing and told her, "Alright Sally. Don't you worry, we'll get you out of here in no time. Okay everyone, on three! 1, 2, 3!" Jason and the twins both pulled on her arms with all their strength as Sally winced from the extreme pain as this was the hardest she was tugged on. Rachel pushed her rear with her shoulder, causing her rear to flatten around the hole, but not go through it. Ten minutes have passed and they managed to move her a couple inches forward but she was still stuck tighter than ever. Sally groaned, her face turning red as she asked, "Rachel? i-I don't think this is working. I-I'm giving you permission to... remove... my shorts and use the butter to slick me up." Rachel nodded and put her hand on her bottom then reassured her, "Don't be embarrassed. Your with friends. All we want to do is help you out. And besides, Jason even told you that he wouldn't stare. So, don't worry about it, okay?" Paula added "Yeah, we'll help you out no matter how long it may take." "I may not take things seriously, but this is something that will. I got your back! ...Or to- whatever! I won't leave you alone!" Paulie added also as Jason nodded, "That's what friends do." Sally sniffled then cried, "Don't worry, these are tears of joy... sniff... and I'm glad to have friends like you." she smiled then said, "Rachel! I'm ready to get out of here! Start Plan B!"

Rachel nodded as she grabbed Sally's shorts and pulled them off. Well... tried anyway. Not only were her short wrapped tightly around her wide hips and big butt, they were also wedged along with her in the hole. A minute of tugging later, she managed to pull off her shorts, leaving Sally only in her small panties that were a bit too small for her massive rump, causing Rachel to gasp, (Wow, her butt is HUGE!) Sally wondered why she stopped and asked, "Rachel, you okay?" Rachel shook her head and answered, "Y-Yeah. I-I'm just getting the butter ready. It just may take a while..." she mumbled as Sally asked, "What was that?" "N-Nothing!" Rachel answered as she wondered, (Even with this lubricant, can she fit through?) she shrugged and started to rub the butter on her rear, causing Sally to shudder, "Ooooh... S-So c-c-cold..." Paula added, "Y-Yeah. Fresh from the fridge." she chuckled as Paulie said, "Ha! I love alliterations!" *SMACK* "Shut it! You're killing the mood." Paula scolded as Paulie groaned, "Yeah yeah... (ow just how many times will she slap me in this story?)"

After a good five minutes, Rachel finished rubbing the butter all over her rear and announced, "Okay! All lubed up! Are you all ready?" Everyone said "Yes." as they got into their positions and tried again. This time Sally felt movement almost instantly, causing her face to brighten and shouted with glee, "I... I'm moving. I'm moving! Keep it up guys!" she smiled, now feeling so happy that she was almost free. Then her smile started to go down as she felt movement slow down until she stopped moving when her butt reached the widest part, now nearly TWICE as big as the hole. Sally cried, "No, no, no! Not now! Not when I'm so close." but even after another five minutes, she didn't make any more progress. Even after using lubricant, she couldn't fit.

Sally sobbed, causing Jason and the twins to stop pulling, and she said, "It's no use. I'm not moving anymore. sniff... As much as it pains me to say, I guess we need someone else to help..." she sighed as she hoped to keep this embarrassing moment a secret. Shortly after Sally said that, she felt more butter being rubbed on her rear as she sighed, "Rachel... More butter won't help anymore..." "I said that we'll get you out. We don't need ANYONE ELSE!" she yelled shoulder charging her hear causing Sally to yelp, "OW! Rachel what are yo- OW! ...doing?" she trailed off when she noticed her charged caused her to budge very slightly and she beamed, "It's... It's working! Guys! Help pull!" Jason nodded as the twins both said, "Okay!"

The three began to tug hard as Rachel continued to charge into her rump, each one budging her slightly until...
The widest part of her hips and butt were now wedged inside the hole, being squeezed very tightly as she cringed, "Ow... so tight... guys... help..." Everyone nodded as they quickly pulled on her arms. Rachel quickly ran towards her front and helped them pull and then, at last!
Sally came tumbling out of the hole, her hips and butt having a huge red mark around it. Sally got up, not even realizing she was free and groaned, "Ah, ooh, oh that hurts..." Sally looked at all her friends who had the biggest smiles on their faces seeing their friend free then she asked, "What are you guys... smiling... about?" Sally looked down and could see her lower half and shouted gleefully, "AHH! I'M FREE!" jumping up and down, overjoyed. Rachel stood up, holding her shorts and said, "Here you go Sally. Your shorts." giving her a hug, so happy to see her friend saved from the clutches of her own backyard fence as she cried, "I couldn't have gotten out without your help. And your help too!" She said, looking at Jason, Paulie and Paula. Paula said, with tears in her eyes, "I-I'm just glad to see you out of there and happy." "Yeah! And, if you don't mind me asking, that red mark around you hips looks painful... Are you okay?" Paulie said, worried as Sally replied, turning her rear which gave everyone a good look at her big, almost nude bottom as she added, "It does sting... But after enough rest I'm sure it will be fine." she giggled when she realized she had just shown her barely covered bottom to everyone. Both Jason and Paulie just stared as Paula face turned red at Paulie and, *SMACK* "Stop staring, you pervert!" "OW! ...one last slap before it ends... oof..." Paulie groaned. Jason face turned apple-red as he turned away saying, "S-Sorry for staring... I-I know I said I wouldn't, but I did, and I..." Sally cut him off as she kissed him on the cheek and smiled, Thank you for being there when I was crying, calming me down and helping me out of there." Her face turned red as she realized what she done and just giggled. Jason's face went from apple-red to completely red as he fell over, fainting from the kiss. Everyone started laughing and helped Jason inside where they all relaxed after such a long day...


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