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by brom21
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A poem about the sepperating veil.
Thousands of years ago it came to pass,

That the first two humans had trespassed.

They were driven from paradise as a result of their deeds

Who deferred the warning and chose not to heed. 

So the veil of sin covered man’s eyes

And brought about death instead of life

It also partitioned Him from us.

We took up the evil of pride and lust.

For a time his people imputed their sin to lambs,

Who shed their blood but it would not always stand.

For the blood of cattle could not purify

And make us clean in the sight of His eyes. 

So in the appointed time He sent his Chosen

To lighten man’s minds and make their hearts open. 

He took upon himself the plight of all living

To bring back life and undo our misgivings.

In His demise the veil was torn asunder

So we could once again behold his wonder.

Now the Holy of Holies is shown to all

Even to those who made the worst of falls.

With the veil gone we will soon see his light

And be forever in His loving sight.

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