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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Comedy · #1987919
Where do our writing ideas come from??
The wildest ideas come, unbidden, at night,                                                            
When I'm trying to sleep, and I've turned off the light.                                        
What is an idea and where does it come from?                                                  
Is it a spark, a germ, or a seed, rattling my equilibrium?                              
Some ideas are bold, and loud and bright.                                                            
They burst forth unbridled with their own driving might.                              
They clamber about in my brain and they shout,                                                  
"Look at me! Listen to me! Let me out!"                                                            
Some ideas are so sudden, so random, so urgent.                                                  
I am left scrambling to figure their vivid intent.                                                  
Some ideas are so silly, I can't help but giggle.                                                  
They make faces, they jump, they jiggle and wiggle.                                        
They like to interrupt me, push out sober thought.                                        
And can a silly idea be serious? Definitely not!                                                  
Some ideas like to nag, jab, and poke.                                                                      
They can't be quiet. They mean to provoke.                                                            
Some ideas are so humble. They don't make a fuss.                                        
They linger, they grow, they seem anonymous.                                                  
Some ideas are so silent, so shy, so meek,                                                            
I must go searching for them, playing Hide and Seek.                                        
An idea can be a puzzle with a clue or two.                                        
I just have to sit still and think it through.                    

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