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A babysitter out at the playground gets into a very tight spot.
"All right... time to give Paulie and Paula the good news." the young woman smiled as she finished brushing her long, green hair. This twenty-one year old woman is Rachel Green. While she is not taking college classes, she is the babysitter of the twelve year old twins, Paulie and Paula. She was about to head out but first looked at herself in the mirror smiling, "Yeah... I look good!" She wore a small black shirt that showed off her slim midsection as well as her cleavage as she sighed, "This probably isn't what I should be wearing in front of the twins, but whatever!" she grinned as she turned around to get a good view of her back as she put her hand on her big butt she was able to squeeze into her tight jeans and sighed, "Man... my butt is big... I guess its a good thing that I'm taking them where I am so I can lose some weight down there."

Rachel smiled as she left her room to go see Paulie and Paula. The twins waited in Rachel's living room, Paulie eating her ice cream as he sighed, tired of waiting, "Geez... what's taking Rachel so long?" "I'm not sure... maybe she's planning on doing something real big?" Paula shrugged as Rachel entered the room apologizing, "Sorry I took so long. My jeans were... giving me some trouble. But... I have something big to tell you!" The twins gasped as Paula smiled, "Are we going to the swimming pool in your backyard?" "No." Rachel said slowly as Paulie added, "You have more ice cream?" *SMACK* "Don't be stupid, you hog!" Paula scolded, smacking Paulie's head. Rachel giggled and couldn't hold it in any longer as she shouted gleefully, "We're going out... to the playground!" "Yay!" The twins cheered as Rachel led them outside.

They walked a few blocks down to a big playground, with various playground equipment like swings, slides, and see-saws. What set this playground apart from others is that there was a huge medieval-styled castle with a working drawbridge, a bounce house, and even a spooky catacombs area made underground. Paulie and Paula smiled at the sight of the castle, seeing it many times, but never actually going inside as they ran to the front of the castle. The drawbridge had a pressure pad connected to it in front of the castle and started to drop down, allowing the excited twins to go inside.

Rachel smiled at the sight of the twins so happy and thought, (I'm such a good babysitter.) "Hey Rachel!" Paulie shouted, pointing toward the dark catacombs area as Paula shivered, "W-We want to see w-what's down t-there. B-But w-we're too s-scared..." Paulie smirked, "Well, she is. I perfectly fine and not scared at all. ADVENTURE!" Paulie shouted, jumping up into the air as he ran down the stairs leading to the catacombs and yelled, "AH!!! TOO DARK!!!" Rachel giggled at this and held Paula's hand as she led her down to the catacombs.

The three explored this sort of-haunted house, as it was full of fake skeletons, bats and spider webs, "O-Oh, my..." Paula gasped as Rachel had found the exit saying, "Hey! There's the way out!" The twins stormed out of the catacombs as they couldn't stay down there any longer. Rachel giggled again and slowly walked outside with them. The exit led them to the back of the castle, where the bounce house was located and she saw Paulie and Paula inside jumping up and down. Rachel smiled seeing them now happy again as she saw a sign in front of the bounce house as she read it, "Congratulations for finding your way out of the catacombs! Now reward yourself by using this bounce house and have fun!" Paulie bounced up and down and shouted, "Hey, Rachel! Come on in! It's so much fun in here!" Rachel shook her head and blushed, "No, that's okay. Besides, I'm probably too big and heavy for a kid's toy..." "Don't be silly! I mean, yeah, this is a kid's toy, but there's no way someone as skinny as you is too heavy for it!" Paula added as Rachel smiled, "Aw... you're too sweet... Okay, I'm coming in!" she said as she crawled into the entrance. She was able to get though about halfway, until her big butt stopped her at its widest part. Rachel groaned at the and said to the twins, "Maybe I'm light enough to be in here, but I am definitely too big..." Paulie and Paule bounced towards her as Paula told her, "No way! Paulie, grab Rachel's left arm, and I'll grab her right." Paulie nodded as they both grabbed her arms and pulled. Since the hole wasn't too small, it only took a few seconds to get Rachel through as she blushed, "T-Thank you, you two." "No problem! There's no way we would leave you out of the fun! Wheeeee!" Paula squealed bouncing in the air.

Rachel's face brightened as she joined the twins and started bouncing with them but not as high since she was heavier than Paulie and Paula and was afraid that she may break the bounce house. Paulie cheered Rachel on, "Come on, Rachel! Higher!" "Yeah, Higher!" Paula added. Rachel nodded as she started to bounce higher with the twins. They bounced higher and higher and higher until...


...Paulie lost his balance and bumped into Rachel, causing her to lose her balance and bounced head-first into one of the small castle windows leading outside. The force was great enough to get Rachel's breasts inside the hole, but not enough to go through it. "Rachel!" The twins cried and bounced over to Rachel trying to pull her out but she was stuck tight and didn't move an inch. Rachel cringed as her waist was simply stretching as she shook them off saying, "It's not working! I-I'm stuck!" Paulie apologized as tears fell from his face, "I-I'm sorry Rachel... This is all my f-fault..." "Paula put her hand on his shoulder and shook her hear saying, "It's not your fault... accidents happen." she reassured him as Rachel added, groaning from the tightness of the hole, "Y-Yeah... Don't beat yourself up for this. But... p-please find a way to get me out. This is really tight..." The twins nodded as they thought of a way to get her out as Paulie said, "What if we pulled her out from the other side? We got her through the entrance that way, maybe it will work again." Rachel nodded and shrugged, "It's worth a shot..." the twins nodded as Paulie squeezed himself through another window. Paula followed after, but since she started developing a more feminine body, she stopped at her hips as she shouted, "Ah, Paulie! I can't get through!" "Hold on, sis! I'll get you out!" Paulie shouted, pulling on her arms. Since she wasn't too big, her lower half popped out of the window as Rachel blushed and thought, (If she got stuck, how will I ever get through?)

Paulie and Paula rushed over to Rachel's top half as Paula told her, "Don't worry... We'll get you out of here." Paula smiled as she and Paulie held out their hands. Rachel nodded and held her hands out for them to grab. Paula grabbed Rachel's left arm as Paulie grabbed her right one and pulled hard. Rachel winced as she wasn't moving and that the it felt like the twins were about to rip off her arms, but she held back the pain and allowed the twins to continue pulling until her breasts popped out of the window, leaving her slim waist wedged in the window.

The twins stopped to take a breather as Paulie grinned, "Whew... halfway there... You see...? We can... get you out..." then his eyes widened as he saw that as skinny as Rachel is, her stomach bulged around the window. Paulie scratched his head and muttered, "Well... If it's that tight, now I don't know-" *SMACK* "Don't say that, Paulie! We'll get her out of there! No matter how long it takes!" (No matter how long it takes? I really don't like the sound of that...) Rachel thought as she slumped down.

As Paulie was rubbing his head after a heavy slap, Paula said optimistically, "Well, we won't make any progress just standing here! Come on Paulie, stop overreacting! I didn't hit you that hard!" Paulie groaned as he got up, "Hey, I'm the one feeling pain, not you!" Paula retorted, putting her hand on her hip, "Well, if you weren't such an idiot, I wouldn't have the need to constantly slap you!" Paulie shouted, his face red with anger, "IDIOT?! Why, I... You..." Paula scoffed, turning her head, "You can't even think of what you want to say, like... an... idiot." saying each word step by step. Paulie couldn't hold it in anymore and shoved Paula down to the ground and shot back at her, "Well, you're... you're... YOU'RE A BIG MEANIE!" he cried, running away from Paula and Rachel.

"OW!" Paula yelped as Rachel grabbed a hold of her arm and scolded her, "How could you say that to your own brother? You know very well that the two of you are inseparable and love him, like a sister should." she released Paula's arm as she jumped back, doing the same thing as her brother as she ran off, sobbing. Rachel frowned, followed by a sigh, "What am I going to do with those two... More importantly... WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS WINDOW!!" she shouted, pushing off the castle walls, trying to get free.

Meanwhile, Paula walked around the park, still crying after that whole mess, when she heard a familiar voice, "P-Paula?" "Paulie? I-Is that you?" she sniffled. Paulie came out of hiding behind a tree as he ran up to Paula and hugged her. Paula smiled and apologized, "Paulie... I'm sorry I called you an idiot... I guess I am a big meanie..." Paulie shook his head and reassured her, "No sis, you're not a big meanie. I should be apologizing for pushing you and making you cry." *SMACK* "OW! At least she's back to normal!" Paulie groaned from the slap. Paula corrected him, "For your information, I cried because Rachel..." she stopped for a second and gasped, "Rachel! She's still stuck and we just left her! Let's go, Paulie!" she said, running back to the castle. "You go back to Rachel! I have an idea!" Paulie shouted, running off in his own direction.

Back at the castle, Rachel hasn't made any progress, her slim midriff still bulging around the hole as she sighed, pinching some of her belly, "I didn't know you would give me this much trouble..." She was about to tear up until, "Hey, Rachel! I'm back!" Rachel was shocked when she saw that Paula had come back and said, "Paula!? I-I thought you were going to your parents and tell them how bad of a babysitter I am..." Paula shook her head and told her, "I would never! Me and Paulie both know that you are the most caring, sweetest and the best babysitter we could ever hope for." Rachel was close to crying after hearing those words, but Instead hugged Paula and smiled, "Thank you for saying that... You two are... wait... where's Paulie?" she asked. Paula shrugged, as she didn't really know either, "Not sure... He said he had a plan and ran off in another direction." "Hmm... I hope he's okay..." Rachel said, wondering what his plan was.

Paulie was running down the street heading back home, his parent's not inside. Paulie was lucky that his parent's left the door unlocked and Paulie ran into the kitchen, "Where is it...? Where is it...? ...There it is!" Paulie grinned and headed back to her stuck friend. After a few minutes, Paulie finally made it back to the castle as Rachel smiled, "Paulie, there you are! Paula said you had a plan..." Rachel looked around and didn't see anything that could help her out. Paula asked, "Um... so what is your plan?" Paulie grinned as he held his hand out and shouted, "BUTTER!" *SMACK* "What is butter going to do to help?" Paula scolded, thinking for a few seconds, putting two and two together and, *SMACK* "There's NO way Rachel wants butter rubbed down there, you perv!" "Wow... two slaps in a row... that's a new one..." Paulie groaned as he added, "Do you have a better idea?" "Well, any idea is better than-" "He's right." Rachel said as Paula blurted, "What!?" "Hey, I was right this time!" *SMACK* "Quiet down, you!" Paula smacked Paulie yet again. Rachel shouted, stopping them from their antics, "Will you stop for a second and hear me out?! Now look, my bottom is TWICE as big as my stomach and even how skinny I am, my stomach won't budge. I think it would be near impossible for my butt to fir through without any sort of lubricant, so... Paula, do you think you could help me out with that? I mean, we're both women..." Paula agreed, "Well, I'm technically still a kid, but I'll do anything to help you, Rachel"

Paula smiled and headed inside the same window she went through before, and just like before, "Mmph... (I think I need some butter too...) Paulie! I need help again!" Paula shouted. Paulie ran up to her. Not wanting to know what she would do if he touched his sister's butt, he lifted her legs and pushed on her feet. It took a bit longer that before, but she was able to squeeze through. Paula walked up to Rachel's lower half and mumbled, "Uh... You do know what I have to do first, right" Rachel blushed, but agreed as Paula added, "Which means, don't look at her when she's out, Paulie!" Paulie's face went red and replied, "Yeah, yeah... Don't worry, Rachel. I won't take a peek." she nodded and said to Paula, stuttering, "O-Okay... I-I'm ready..." Paula nodded, giving her rear a reassuring pat and began to remove her jeans. If it were that easy... "Mmm... Your pants aren't coming off!" Rachel's face turned redder as she said, "J-Just keep trying!" It took about a minute, but she was able to remove her jeans, leaving her in her panties. Paula wanted to get this over quickly and started to rub butter on her nearly nude bottom.

It took about three minutes, but she finished rubbing butter all over her rear and her stomach. (Good thing I decided to wear this shirt, because if I wore something different, I might have had to remove my shirt too...) Rachel said to herself as Paula announced, "All done! Rachel, are you okay with me pushing?" "If it gets me out faster, then yes." Rachel nodded. Paulie grabbed her hands and told her, "Okay! Time to get you out, Rachel!" he smiled then Paula started to count down, "Three... Two... One... NOW!" she shouted as she pushed Rachel's butt and Paulie pulled on her arms. Rachel's belly slowly slipped through, but her butt was giving her trouble. Paulie shouted, "FULL POWER!" as he began to tug with all he had, causing Rachel's top half to stretch. Her rear was slowly moving, until she stopped halfway, her butt bulging around both sides which coused the castle walls to make a groaning sound as the twins tried to fit such a big object into a small hole, but they continued to push and pull.

After a good ten minutes, they realized that this wasn't working as Paula told her, "Wait, Rachel! I'm coming outside to help pull!" as she headed toward the other window. Before she climbed through, she lifted up the skirt she was wearing and rubbed some of the butter she had left on her lower body. Paula proceeded to jump through the window and slipped through with no problem and headed over to Rachel's top half and helped Paulie pull. Rachel thought that this wouldn't work until she saw that the twins were glowing as she gasped, "W-What's going on with you two?!" Paulie and Paula turned to each other and jumped back, noticing the glow, and slowly walked towards each other as Paulie took hold of Paula's hand and Paula did the same, causing them to glow again and Rachel gasped again, "W-What is it?!" Both Paulie and Paula said, one after the other, "I-I think that in someone's time of need..." "Our power increases when we are together!" Rachel replied, surprised, "You mean... you have super powers?!" Paulie shook his head, "Well... I think it's more like the power of friendship, or something corny like that." "Well, whatever it is, it should help you out! Let's do this, brother!" Paula said, enthusiastically, "Sure thing, sis!" Paulie added as they both grabber her arms and pulled with their newly found out power.

Rachel could immediately feel the added power as she felt her big butt move very slowly until she stopped again, her butt wedged at the widest part, and she shouted, "Almost there! Give it all you got!" The twins pulled their hardest, hoping it would free their friend, then, at last!


Rachel finally popped through the window and landed face first into the grass. Paula and Paulie ran over to Rachel, Paula covering her brother's eyes so he couldn't see her almost nude rear and said with glee, "Rachel! You're free! We did it!" Rachel pushed the ground to lift herself up and shook her head after such a fall and hugged the twins, squealing, "Oh, thank you, guys! I couldn't have gotten out without you! ...Uh, Paula?" she gestured toward her jeans that Paula was holding, "Oh, right! Here you go!" she handed over her jeans as she started to put them on, the butter making it very easy to squeeze her bubble butt into. Paula put down her hand, letting Paulie see her still semi-clothed friend and smiled, "Wow Rachel, that must've hurt squeezing through that window! Are you okay?" Rachel rubbed her rear where there was a red bite mark all around her lower half and winced in pain, "A-A bit..." she then shook her head, "But, it doesn't matter-" "NOW WHAT HAPPENS!" Paulie cut her off an Paula *SMACK*-ed her brother and grinned, "By the way, that wasn't for your little reference there, that was for looking under my skirt when you pushed me inside the castle!" she shouted as Paulie added, lying on the ground, "L-Like I had a choice?" Both Paula and Rachel simply laughed and Rachel gasped, "Oh no! It's almost sundown! Your parent's are expecting you to be home when they get there!" "AH! Paulie, get up! We need to get home now!" Paula yelled. Paulie got up and panicked, Uh-oh, uh-oh! W-W-W-W-W-What are we going to do! We only have ten minutes and... I'm too tired..." he moaned and sat down. "Huh... now I'm getting tired too..." Paula added, sitting down along with Paulie. Rachel crossed her arms and said, "Hmm... well, you did use up a lot of energy freeing me..." she bent down, showing her back to the twins, "Grab on to my shoulders! It's time for me to help you!" The twins turned to each other and nodded as they both took a hold of Rachel's shoulders. "T-Thanks, Rachel..." Paula said very tiredly as Rachel smiled, "Thank you too! But now's not the time for thanks. Now I must hurry to get you two home."

Rachel had made it to their house, opened the door and set the sleeping children down on their couch. Rachel sighed after such a long day and turned to look at the clock, "Whew... I made it... with only a minute to spare." she said out of breath and sat down next to the sleeping twins, waiting for their parents to get back. A minute had passed as the door opened when a voice came from their mother, "Kids! We're home!" "Shh... They're asleep..." Rachel shushed the mother as their father added, "So, did everything go well?" Rachel nodded and replied, "Mm-hmm. They were great, as always." The mother smiled at the sight of the twins sleeping together and said, "Aww... They're so cute when they sleep together... Well, I think you had enough for today so here's your pay and do you need a ride back home? I noticed that your car wasn't there." Rachel shook her head and replied, "No, that's okay. I could use the exercise." she then said her goodbyes and headed out until, "Hmm? I thought I had just bought a fresh stick of butter. This is almost used up." The father said, turning to Rachel, "Huh... t-that's weird... he-he..." she nervously chuckled, not wanting them to know what really happened today...


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