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Do you know me? Do you think you know about me?
Who I am: Do you know me? Do you think you know about me? Well, lets see if what I am willing to tell about myself fits any of the things you may know about me.

1) I will turn 64 years young on 22 August: I think that still makes me a Leo--not sure since the dates were changed for the signs.
2) I grew up in small town, Washington (which I still pronounce Worshinton)
3) I graduated HS--barely--and was supporting myself at the age of 16.
4) I served 6 years in the U. S. Air Force (1974-1980) and I'm considered a Vietnam Era Veteran. I was an aircraft mechanic--43151C--I worked on the flight line with the F-111F fighter bomber and in the timed maintenance hanger on the F-4 and RF-4 Phantom.
5) I got my tonsils out while in Basic Training @ Lackland AFB, Texas--had to repeat the last half of training with a different group of recruits so instead of six weeks of training I got nine weeks and I missed out seeing the Alamo
6) I met my husband @ Mountain Home AFB, Idaho and we Married before assigned to Kadena AFB, Okinawa, Japan.
7) I gave birth to my first son in Sacramento, California, November 1979 @ Mather AFB and was a civilian in January 1980.
8) I used my GI Bill to go to Lewis Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and not quite a minor in Psychology in 1988.
9) Between 1979 and 1981 I gave birth to three children--two sons and a daughter.
10) In 1984, I came out and lost access to family and friends until 1990. Those were some very dark years.
11) In 1991, my oldest son was having anger issues (12 years old) and his father agreed to let me try a hand at helping him. By 1994 both my sons were living with me and my then 3 year partner. Both boys chose to live with me until they went their own ways after HS. My oldest became a welder and metal worker and my second son went into the Army Jan of 2002.
12) My daughter wanted to come live with me but her dad put his foot down and wouldn't allow it.
13) In 2001 I discovered Stories.com and blossomed with an enthusiasm I hadn't realized I'd been harboring.
14) In 2003' my who I thought was, my lifetime partner separated us. Both Boys were gone and I guess that was the only reason she and I were together. Since 2015--I've finally been able to get over my personal feelings of betrayal and abandonment.
15) Seven years ago my oldest son died.
16) I have four grandsons by my daughter (Her family lives in Washington) and two grandsons from my remaining son; they live in Idaho.
17) From April of 2017 til now (July 2018) I've been living in Idaho with family.
18) 2013 in February I was unemployed and had just gone through gallbladder surgery. (no insurance and No Obama care existed)
19) At the end of April I was hired at a local ammunition factory where I sorted and packaged ammunition and components for four-10 hour shifts a week. I started out working nights, but just before being laid off, was changed to day shift.
20) After a very long hiatus (2008-2013) with relationship trouble, death of my son, health issues and no writing muse in sight--no energy to miss writing--I nearly let my WDC account lapse through neglect. Then I logged onto my account after a six month absence in 2013 and discovered my Blue case was now Yellow. For some reason that shocked me out of not caring and into a mode of extreme caring for about a year. I have been back in full force, determination, and high energy from February of 2014 to the middle of 2015.
21) I still get the urge to write a couple times a year; usually, short stories. So I maintain my wdc account just for those occasions of inspiration.

--And that folks is all I have about me which I deem as important at this time--*Laugh*
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