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I'm not sure where I want to take this. The next part will be writing from Eric's POV.
"Chrissie wake up", my mother quietly said while shaking me. How can she expect me to wake up when I barely can here her? I thought parents were suppose to dump water on their kids to wake them up, not what whisper in the child's ear.

I stumbled out of bed and began the dreaded walk to the kitchen. Because the house was so big it took a few minutes to get there. On the way I passed Shyla, our nanny, sweeping up a mess mythical little sister, Kylie, made. It wasn't until last year that mom decided it was a good idea to hire a nanny. After all I was 17 and had other plans than babysitting my 5 year old sister.

I grabbed a protein shake and headed back to my room to get ready for the days activities. Up first was my weekly run with Eric, our next door neighbor and my best friend. Eric and I first met when he moved in. We were both 10, the age when boys had cuties, and hated each other. After being partners for a project a year later we became best friends. He's been there for me through everything; the break-ups included. Truth be told, I have a tiny crush on Eric. I couldn't dare let him know my feelings though, he's my best friend.

I changed into my blue running shorts and white tank top. I only were the shorts because I know Eric likes the look of my butt on them. No, I didn't ask him. I heard it through the grape vine and I may have seen him checking me out a time or two. I pulled back my blonde hair into a pony tail and pulled on my blue Nikes. I grabbed another protein shake for Eric and headed out the door.
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