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Each day I desire, seek, knock, and pray.
Morning, noon, and night I joyfully delight
Seeking and praying with all my might
Knock search learn and grow.
Jesus atoned for us do you know.

Holy Ghost comforter, guide, and my friend,
I'll return to God in heaven, just don't know when.
His glory I defend, I'm in His army to ascend.
The war rages on, We'll win I know, for scripture truly tells me so.

Victory assured us His great promise.
God is true and he's very honest.
No lies He can tell, never changing all is well.
Wicked ones surely they must go straight to hell.

Saints rise to his glory this is the truth.
Seek His true story as a determined sleuth
Heavens bright beauty waits for me and thee.
Please, won't you come to heaven with me?

These words came to me before my long absence for the first four lines, then tonight I decided to return to this poem and finish the writing. I believe it is finished, yet I will return and polish when and where it's needed. Poetry is a challenge, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated. *Bigsmile* There is the possibility of this poem being better arranged and organized and additional stanzas added eventually.

*Angel* Safe travels and many blessings.
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