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Medical Marijuana Makes U.S. History gaining enough popularity to advertise on television
For the first time ever the citizens of parts of New Jersey had the pleasure of seeing history get made when a television commercial for marijuana was aired by Comcast. According to CBC News a company called MarijuanaDoctors.com was seen on TV for the first time in a commercial that is planned to be played 800 times over the next two weeks. Take that alcohol and tobacco companies this is the new millenium marijuana commercials are on tv! With more states legalizing and petitioning to legalize medicinal marijuana the acceptance is starting to grow all over the country. With new discoveries marijuana can be used to treat many ailments from cancer to problems in bed. The growing support of weed as a medicine is a good thing despite resistance from the federal government and law enforcement. There is A LOT of evidence supporting the many benefits of medical use. There are new findings that suggest all humans naturally contain receptors for chemicals found in marijuana.

         In a meeting conducted by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government, U.S. Attorney for Colorado John Walsh and Deputy Administrator for the DEA Thomas M. Harrigan testified about the changing marijuana policies. The U.S. Attorney urged federal law enforcement to work with states on common issues like organized crime and smuggling across states. They both mentioned their concern of the potential of a rising problem with driving under the influence of drug cases. Harrigan stated that the DEA only makes weed busts in order to track down and cripple organized crime institutions and that their stance won't change with the new change in state laws. He stated that the DEA sees "no sound scientific, economic or social reasons to change our nation's marijuana policies." When asked if he thought marijuana was just as bad as heroin deserving a Schedule I classification he replied that the DEA would not "abandon science and fact in favor of public opinion."

         Mr. Harrigan's statements confuse me because marijuana is classified as having no medicinal qualities where the active ingredient in heroin is regularly used and accepted in prescription drugs. Apart from that there is much research proving that marijuana causes less deaths and is less addicting than heroin. So in fact, Mr. Harrington, you are the one abandoning science and fact in order to support a law that was based on research conducted many decades ago! There is a lot of evidence supporting the many healing properties of marijuana. It has actually been used as a medicine for centuries and centuries dating back to the BC days. Doctors all over the world are constantly finding new uses for marijuana expanding from cancer to dementia to glaucoma.

         On the group NORML's website they have many documented reports on medical marijuana including brand new findings about marijuana's ability to treat epilepsy patients. Many studies being conducted suggest that marijuana use can prevent epilepsy patients from having seizures. This effect can be contributed to the chemicals found in marijuana called cannabinoids. Dr. Dustin Sulak of Maine Integrative Healthcare explains on NORML's website how the human body naturally contains cannabinoids and receptors for them. This is called the endocannabinoid system that aids the body in natural bodily functions. When certain functions of the body fail due to disease cannabinoids can help the body return to its normal functioning state curing the symptoms of the disease. So not only can weed be used as medicine we are actually built with receptors for it! The plus to the findings of weed as an epilepsy cure is that many children have benefited and been able to live better lives due to marijuana.

         Mr. Harrigan was not the only one that has recently thrashed the changing pot laws. His colleague DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart recently called legalization of marijuana "reckless and irresponsible." Along with the Feds, Craig T. Steckler president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police attacked the pot laws and stated that he "strongly disagrees with the President and the Administration's decision not to challenge new marijuana laws." This is frustrating that so many Feds and cops are turning their backs on fact, science and public opinion in order to support a law that was made before any of us were alive, and a law that was written into law due to paranoid thoughts and ancient research. I think this makes you "reckless and irresponsible!" We must as a nation continue to listen to science and keep changing marijuana laws in order to heal this country despite resistance from close minded government officials.
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