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Well the day that I dread has finally happened. When I signed up for this website, I chose the name of a cat who wandered into my life, Dorianne. She had been caught in the engine of a car, after a dog had chased her there. Her burns were serious, but she pulled through. I saw a very gentle side in her but my other cats felt that she was an intruder. She was hissed at and chased. So I separated her and let her out of a room when I felt the time was right. But my other cats never fully accepted her. That was their loss.

Next her life had to face kidney disease. My veterinarian wanted to put her down, but a second opinion, at another clinic, saved her for a long time. I was experienced enough to do the subcutaneous fluids that she needed for 8 years. She was a trooper and let me stick her and put the fluids in.

Dorianne was a gray,long haired cat. She had a really great purr. She also had what I felt was a great personality. I never thought once of taking her to a shelter or getting rid of her. She was family.

Recently, she had a cough and mewed at unusual times. An ultra-sound exam showed cysts in her liver. But the veterinarians did their best and she came through as usual.

Next, she had some symptoms of appetite loss and a little nausea. Another ultra-sound exam showed something more. CANCER. She was given 3 to 6 months but she did not make it.
She had a terrible day today. (5-10-2014) Even though she went to her veterinarian for some oxygen, the signs were all there. It was time to go to that Rainbow Bridge to cross over. She met this with dignity and the beauty that only she could show. I am sure that she never heard my crying or saw my tears but started running around up in heaven with new friends and no pain.
Dorianne I will never forget you. If I can find out how I will post your picture, I will. I am keeping the name of Dorianne on this site because it was an honor to be your friend and 'mommy' for 12 years.
Dorianne, God bless you.
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