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An Invitation
Subjective 6 June, 1877
44 Degrees, 22 Minutes North
103 Degrees, 43 Minutes West

My Dear Captain Spaulding:

My congratulations on your appointment as Adjutant of Her Majesty's 23rd Time Brigade. I trust you shall find new friends there in New Praetoria quite readily.

On your first opportunity, could you make time for a short visit? I am currently in Deadwood, South Dakota and will be here from this date to Subj. 20 Sept, 1877 at 0230. I have a fine stock of Earl Gray tea sent to me by the adorable Miss Emily Puryear, who now owns that little establishment where you and I encountered Mr. Cooger and Mr. Dark in 1891. She operates it in Subj. 1896, and it is firmly anchored there and then to provide easy ordering via sliptube or clockwork beetle. When you come, I warn you to bring your own sugar. That commodity is unpleasantly expensive in this timespace, and is part of the reason I would like your visit. Upon completion of my project here, I plan to visit Havana, Cuba, Subj. 10 Mar to 10 Apr, 1877 to take advantage of this peculiar investment opportunity, and would like to discuss some logistical planning I will need to make.

I look forward to your visit, and can assure we will not be disturbed. I am lodged at the establisment of one E.B. Farnum, the local mayor, a rather disagreeable little hotelier who was inordinately interested in my studies of pandemonia here in the Black Hills. I was forced to re-introduce him to his late mother via Necrograph to ensure his respect for my privacy while lodged here. We can now be assured of his discretion.

Thanking you in advance for your advice,
I remain sincerely,

Dr. Elias F. Gloriosky, Ph.D.

P.S. Should you be able to make your visit before Subj. 1320 3 Jul 1877, could you drop by my office at Miskatonic University? There is a clockwork cat on my mantel that I would very much like to have with me. Please do not go by if later than 1320 on that date, since that is the time the first alarm for the fire was raised, and I'm afraid that it might have started in my office for the sole purpose of destroying my files on the merry-go-round currently in the possession of Mr.Cooger and Mr. Dark. EFG

P.S.S: The quietest time of day here is between 1130 and 1310, when the miners are at their digs, and the ladies of the night are sleeping in preparation for the night ahead. EFG
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