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by Leigh
Rated: E · Fiction · Detective · #1990940
College friends work together to solve multiple high dollar robberies. work in progress
Sitting in the coffee shop Mandy gazes out the window. The day is bright with the sun as she sips her tepid coffee. She was waiting on a friend, he had asked her to meet. He said he was missing her smile. "How cute", she had thought. Brian had been her friend for thirty plus years. They had met in college, both studying criminology. Mandy had gone on to research, she was fascinated by the mind of criminal behavior. Brian was attracted to being out on the street, he chose law enforcement.

She was wondering where he was, "oh well, maybe duty called". she thought. A second later he comes through the door, he spots her, smiles and heads over to the table.

"There's that smile." he says, "How are you?"
"Doing well, thanks" Mandy answers. "How has life been treating you?"
"I can't complain, just been busy." He replies as he settles in across from her.
The waitress brings him a cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie. She knows his order, he comes here a lot to sit and evaluate his cases.
"Thanks, sweetie." he tells her.
"Your welcome, Brian. Enjoy." she replies and walks away after refilling Mandy's cup.
"So tell me," she says "any big cases, are you stumped and need my insight?" Smiling like the Cheshire Cat.
"Mandy, you know me so well, I do need some help." he remarks.
"Okay detective, let's hear the details." she keeps smiling at him. She got a kick out of this big man asking for her advice and help.
"Well, have you heard about the robberies going on?" he asks
She nods, "Yes, I have. They have expensive taste."
"Yes, they do, jewelry stores, art galleries. Hell they even broke into city hall. Ripped off some expensive paintings and collectibles. These guys are on a roll and I am getting my ass chewed. I need a profile, I know you can help with that."
I can, are you seeing any kind of pattern? " Mandy asks.
"Besides their desire for expensive, pretty things, no. I know it's several of them. One guy can't possibly do all that's entailed in these robberies"
"How long has this been going on for?" she asks.
Brian pulls out a notebook along with a zip drive that he hands to her. "Let's see." he whispers while scanning his notes. " First robbery was February 13th, oh yeah I thought it was some fool for a Valentines Day thing. It was the Just Jewels high end jewelry store.
The estimated value was over $50,000. Of course when the second robbery happened
a month later I knew my original concept was wrong."
"$50,000, wow! Whom ever it was decided to go big, got your attention." Mandy replied in a bit of shock.
"Yeah, they got our attention, all of Scrantons police force is aware and on the watch for these guys. I'm frustrated Mandy, its been five months and five burglaries. Hell, I don't know if there is another mark for them. This city isn't exactly a wealthy community. Maybe they'll catch the I-80 down to Manhattan, that's where the money is." Brian scoffed, he was irritated with his case.
"Oh come on now." Mandy teased "you know you like these difficult cases. Don't whine and pout. With me on your side, we'll get it figured out." She glanced down at the zip drive picked it up and stated. "The answer is in here, you've been working on it to much." Take a step back, go out with your wife and daughter. How's Stephanie and Angela anyway?"
"Neglected." he stated.
"Well shit than go take your ladies out, buy them some dinner." Mandy told him. Isn't it about time for Angela to be on break? "She studies hard to please you, show her you care for Christ sake. Throw the girl a bone, she will be graduating college soon and be gone Brian."
He knew Mandy was right, Angela has plans to graduate college and move to California.
Her education of technologies would have ample opportunity out there. He hated the though of her being so far away, but knew she had to prosper on her own. Besides Steph said it would give us a place to go visit.
He look up at Mandy and said, " You know, I could use a few days to decompress. It will be good for all of us. Both my girls say they never see me anymore. What the hell, it'll give you time to sort through the information."
"Good, she said, "Give me a few days and we will reconnect. I am intrigued by these people. They have you frustrated. Let me work through this and I will call you"
"Sounds good," he says with a little levity in his voice. "Why don't you just come over for dinner, Angela and Steph would love to see you. Steph keeps asking when am I going to invite you over."
"I would really like that," Mandy replies.
"I'll have Steph call you with the time frame, cool?"
"Yep, sounds perfect." She says with a smile.
He was a lucky man, Stephanie loved him like a smitten girl. She adored Brian, she just wished he could spend more time with their daughter. They have a pretty good thing going. To many marriages fall apart like hers did. She was happy for them though, they brought a glimmer of hope to her. Not all love dies.

They walked out together. Brian was grateful for her friendship, he knew she could help him solve this. Even though she got a kick out of teasing him, she was knowledgeable and insightful. He was looking forward to her profile report.
They said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. Brian back to the precinct to inform his boss that he was taking a few days off. Mandy went back to the office to put aside her research work and delve into Brian's notes.

As Brian made his way back to the princent he thought about his and Mandy's chance encounter that lead to a twenty- five plus year friendship.
He was trying to find a place to park at college. There was a women arguing with someone in the parking lot.
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