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Constantine...a singular fellow
Const. 9 Dec 1869
41 D 0 M North / 28 D 58 M East

To: Elias F. Gloriosky, Ph.D.
From: His Highness, Grand Vizier of the Noble Canals, Salah Ibn Fatahli


On a recent excursion to Rome, I came across a most interesting clockwork device that had come up for auction. It has quite a history and rather unique qualities that you should find as fascinating as I did upon witnessing his operation.

Included with the cat are all the provenance and specifications I could locate. He is called Constantine, a singular name for a singular fellow, as you will understand when you see him run. His key is forwarded in a separate post, since sending the cat and his key together tends to create no small amount of frenzy whatever path they follow. This mystery is no small part of his charm. As a matter of fact, Constantine was shipped to me with his key from Rome. I will not bore you with the details, but the resulting circumstances brought to me my fourth wife, a tall Eurasian beauty named Lealla with the most shocking blue hair. It seems she is quite taken with me, in spite of my girth, and I am so very fond of her as well.

I hope to have you visit again soon, as I cannot currently partake of any travel whatsoever due to an old malady that plagues me when I consume the rich foods I so appreciate. How I wish to ride the Aether, but alas, I am timebound for now.

Forever Your Friend

Salah Ibn Fatahli

P.S: You can carry the key, or you can carry the cat and key, but never, never carry the cat alone while the key remains in a drawer somewhere. Such things as I am shocked to relate could occur.
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