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Lin Wu works as a waitress is a downtown cafe, while seeking her soulmate
Lin Wu sat quietly. She was in deep meditation, approaching a trance-like state. She would meet him in the dream lodge, for that was all they had for now. It would not always be so; one day he would manifest in the physical realm. He would hold her close and comfort her.

The astral realm could be a frightening place, full of elemental spirit travelers, many unaware of their place in the vast space/time continuum, tethered by a silver cord or not.

Lin Wu began to draw him to her and within minutes could see his faint outline. She could feel his heartbeat and recognized his uniquely beautiful scent. Come to me my darling; his voice called to her and caused her to again desire complete surrender, but to him alone.

He came close enough for her to see his face before he began to fade—and he was gone—evaporating as she opened her eyes. The lovers would not find their way to the lodge this night. Her sense of longing overwhelmed.

She poured a cup of tea and sipped it as the sun began to rise.

She thought of him as she showered and prepared for work.


The Southside regulars were seated around their table when she rushed in, quickly exchanged greetings and began her day, waiting tables. It was a labor of love. Life was a labor of love.

“How is my China Doll?” Manual meant no offense. Lin Wu found this man endearing. His smile was as bright as a quasar and his dimples . . .

“Good morning Manny,” she said. “You look as though you could use a shave.” He laughed. Manual was a cherished member of Lin Wu’s intentional family. All of the Southside regulars were.

These were outcasts--most of them past their prime--in the youth-oriented society they found themselves in. Lin Wu had difficulty understanding why the aging and even the elderly were so marginalized. Manual had passed his sixty-years-of-life marker and was an immigrant, like Lin Wu. When she looked at him, she saw flashing dark eyes, full of life and mischief. To her, he was beautiful.

As she began taking orders and pouring coffee, Lin Wu's mind wandered back in time and she thought about her encounter with her one. she shivered and quivered when she thought of him and longed for the day he would step out of the clouds of her dreams and meditation. She knew he would one day manifest in flesh and blood fashion and she would know him.

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