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This is a short story I have manipulated from one of my childhood memories.
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*An Important Author Note: this is not an actual exact detail of what happened to me as a child it is changed slightly, but still has the same story to it with different characters. Also I wrote this during my novel I am writing, just as a temporary break from a grim tale to do a funny one. Please Review still though. Much thanks to my reviewers! Enjoy the story!

It seemed like a normal Saturday morning for Sophia. She woke up, went down her stairs, and laid down on a couch and watch TV until her Mother provided breakfast. She had an all black cat who they called "Laugh-Attack" because while her real name was Halo she always pulled off goofy stunts. She often, and lazily, curled up right next to Sophia after she plopped down on the couch.

Sophia curled up in her fuzzy green blanket and turned on her usual shows for the morning. Halo jumped up and joined her of course purring like they had for the two years they've had their cat. Once her older sister Faith joined her on the chair in their living room, Sophia had to use the restroom. Sophia got up and went, but halfway there she heard Faith laughing.

"Sophie, come see Laugh-Attack is trapped!" Her face was bright read in laughter.

Sophia whipped around her blond ponytail and fixed her green eyes on the tumbling blanket on the blue couch near our back door. There she was in plain sight. Sophia trapped her in the blanket! Halo tried escaping but it was no use. The more the cat moved the further buried in the blanket she became.

Then, with a sudden Thud! the green monster of blanket and cat hit our tan carpet. Sophia wanted to help her, but also wanted to watch her anyway. So she took out her camera and snapped a picture.

Finally, the poor Halo got out and stared at her eyes wide in terror and ran straight upstairs. Their mother walked down and looked at them like they were all crazy. Sophia just showed the picture and they all laughed.

Just another happy day in Sophia's crazy life.
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