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depression in a prayer
Lord I am tired.
The loneliness is hard to bear.
I know You're testing me.
But this time I don't care.
I tried to be strong and heal
Like I always do.
But Lord I am so tired.
The loneliness hurts
so much it's a crime.
I failed your test this time.
Life is not the same to me.
All the joy is gone.
I really loved the happiness
'til the end of the song.
So Lord I wish just one thing
for my birthday this year.
Give back my love to hold
or bring me home to you.
Cause life on earth is all but gone
no more joys to be found.
So if you can't do either.
Then let me rot in the ground.
For hells flames
would feel better to me
than living life
the way I am
in my misery.
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