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2 lesbians (D'Atra & Irene) meet over the internet & endure on a love rollercoaster
Chapter 1

August 17th, 2012; it was just another Friday morning waking up at my grandmother’s empty house. She had gone out of town with my mother and I promised to keep an eye out on her place. Lucky me! As I slowly struggled out of bed, I rubbed my eyes and stumbled to the bathroom. My body was exhausted of a long week at work. I walked down to the pantry in the hallway and expected my grandma left me some kind of food to eat. My stomach began to rumble as I searched her unfilled pantry. I grunted and closed the door. Still hungry, I walked into the kitchen and prayed there was at least some bacon so I can have breakfast.

After making a mess in the kitchen, I ended up eating a bacon and egg toast sandwich. I strolled to living room and relaxed on my grandmas tan recliner and began watching re-runs of lifetime movies. It was my day off from work, so I planned on being lazy until my nightlife activities initiated.

What a boring day, it is 2:00 and I still have found nothing that holds my interest. Rather than wasting time watching TV I decided to go shoe shopping, after all a gal can never have too many shoes. After my mini shopping spree, I had found two pairs of heels on clearance at Charlottes Ruse. If any plans stirred up tonight, I’d rock one of the stunning pairs I just bought.

As my day progressed, the sun was beginning to set. Still with no plans, I decided to get on Facebook and see if anything fascinating was happening. After logging in, I had gotten distracted by the red notification on top of the screen. It always fascinated me when I received a ‘like’ or ‘comment’ from one of my Facebook collogues.

After lollygagging for the past ten minutes scrolling down the page, my sister Dominque messaged me. We began gossiping about tonight’s nightlife and randomly she brought up a girl’s name and immediately caught my attention. Her name…was Irene.

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